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Jose Mourinho Guilty of Tax Fraud

Things might not be going well on the pitch for Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho…and now off the pitch…even worse!

That is because he has just been found guilty of tax fraud by Spanish Authorities.

“Guilty!” The Spanish judge shouted as he or she slammed down that hammer in a Madrid Courtroom.

I reported about all of this a long time ago if you remember. In those blog posts I speculated about the possible guilt of Mr Mourinho, while also mentioning that all of this could have been avoided if he used reliable accountants from Contractor Accountants.

It’s possible Jose has now found our website and is keeping his nose clean with UK authorities, but that still doesn’t change the fact he now has to face up to his past crimes.

So what is going to happen with Mourinho? Will he be deported to Spain and then sent to a Madrid Jailhouse to serve time for doing the crime?

Will he become the manager of the Madrid Prison Football Team and turn those bunch of convicts into “special ones?”

Actually no. And in fact, he won’t even have to spend a single night inside a Spanish slammer…or an English slammer…or any kind of slammer.

Why? Because although Jose was found guilty and sentenced to a 1 year prison sentence, his sentence has been suspended, which means as long as he stays on the straight and narrow then he won’t have to spend any time behind bars.

If reports are true and he is indeed using a contractor accountant to do all of his books now, then I reckon he is going to be just fine.

Just like the ordinary contractors in the UK. You might not sit in the dugout at Old Trafford and you might not walk out of press conferences with a “monk on” – but as long as you have a contractor accountant by your side then you won’t ever find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Back to the story, and it looks like Jose defrauded the Spanish tax man or woman of a cool £2.9 million pounds, although it has yet to be confirmed whether or not he will have to pay that money back.

I’m sure Mourinho wouldn’t mind having to write out a cheque, as he is used to paying out large amounts of money and then not seeing much in return.

Anyway, Jose Mourinho can now focus all of his attention on getting Manchester United back to the top of the league, and you, the UK contractor, you can focus all of your attention on hiring a contractor accountant, right here.

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