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Accountant Stole £295,000…Pays Back Just £1

It seems some accountants in the UK are out of control. “Drunk on power,” is what some pundits are saying and we don’t disagree with them.

Here at Contractor Accountants we are now extra cautious about who we allow into our inner circle of excellence. Most of the top rated accountants you see at the right hand side of the page have been with us for years and have earned our trust, time and time again.

So onwards to the story…about an accountant from Maidstone who thought he could get away with stealing £295,000 from the company he was working for.

Not only that, but he instantly took £150,000 of that money and went on a Wet and Wild spending spree. The kind of rampage usually reserved the rich, famous, and out of control.

This accountant from Maidstone was not rich and he was not famous…but he was out of control. Way out of control!

To the point where all of the stolen cash went on a champagne and cocaine binge. He topped it all of with the company of 10 escort girls.

Some witnesses have reported this happened over the course of a few weeks. It must have been tiring, no doubt.

So this accountant from Maidstone was young, dumb, and full of champagne and cocaine, so as you can imagine, it didn’t take long for him to get caught red handed, with his hand in the honey pot, so to speak.

The rogue accountant had his day in court and was sentenced to 2 and half years in prison where there is no champagne or cocaine. Instead, he should get used to oats and rice in the prison cafeteria

Because he still lived with his parents and had no assets, the judge decided that trying to get the money back would be a waste. Which is why, he only has to pay back…

£1 !!

Yes you read that right. After stealing nearly £300,000 quid, the only cash he has to give back is 100 pence.

While he seems to have got off lightly right now, it is thought the State could tap into some of his future earnings should he ever join the workforce again.

Maybe he might give accounting a second go? If so, the one place you can be sure you WON’T find him is here at Contractor Accountants.

Sure, we do believe in second chances and we hope he learns his lesson and comes back as a model citizen…BUT we are super strict about who we let into our inner circle of trusted contractor accountants, and if you have any kind of criminal record then you have no chance of being called…

One of the best contractor accountants in the UK.

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Tax Firm to the Stars…Faced With £50 Million Bill From HMRC

When you do the books for celebrities such as Andrew Lloyd Webber and David Beckham then you expect a bit of the limelight.

It comes with the territory…celebs = red carpets and camera’s flashing, plus millions of pounds going through their bank accounts. You expect a bit of that to rub off on you.

A tax firm that goes by the name Ingenious Media no doubt expected that when people such as Mr Beckham walked into their offices and handed over his accounts.

“I have 1 column for income and 1 column for expenses,” he could have said, and although that is certainly a simple system, it still pays to have experts go over everything and check the numbers are in order.

Just like the accountants and tax firms listed right here at Contractor Accountants DOT Com. They are all methodical in their approach, and even when doing the books for footballers and musical stars, they treat them just like your ordinary contractor.

It doesn’t matter if you have 100 caps for England or 100 Grandad caps in your sock draw…our recommended contractor accountants will treat you all equally and fairly.

Back to the story and it appears that Ingenious Media have been accused by HMRC of helping their famous and wealthy clients pay less tax…using loophole tax breaks by investing in the British Film Industry.

That sounds above board, you would think, but according to HMRC it is far away from being above board.

In fact, they are accusing Ingenious Media of being downright under hand, to the point where they are now demanding $50 million quid in cash, directly into their bank account. No cheques allowed.

Not one to back down, Ingenious Media are fighting back against the allegations and are expected to take the matter into a court of law.

Who knows which side of the hammer a judge will slam down when giving out the verdict? The one thing I do know is that I’m sure they will consider all of the facts and evidence before coming to a decision

It seems the famous are always in the news when it comes to tax, doesn’t it? Especially footballers.

Who can forget Lionel Messi and his messy tax situation, or Ronaldo and his brush with Spanish authorities. They both nearly ended up in prison of course, but they paid a fine instead.

Fortunately our main man Wayne Rooney is well out of this now. Sure, he’s had his tax problems in the past, but now he is at the other side of the Atlantic and keeping his tax affairs all above board.

Apparently when he arrived in Washington DC he said to his wife, Coleen…

“Here we are in Washington…let’s go and visit Donald.”

“Donald Trump?” she replied.

“No silly…Donald Duck!”

No matter which Donald our man Rooney eventually meets…as long as he sticks with Contractor Accountants he will be just fine.

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