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9 Year Ban For Restaurant Owner in Glasgow

What happens if you own a business and you dodge your tax and VAT duties? The HMRC will swing the ban hammer!

They have proven again and again they are not shy about getting tough on rogue business owners.

Take the recent story of a restaurant owner in Glasgow. He served good food and his customers were happy. But HMRC were left with an empty plate. Which means they were NOT happy.


This Scottish restaurant owner didn’t bother to file quarterly tax returns, although he was bound by law to do so.

It didn’t take long for HMRC to leap into action, and after a bit of snooping around they found he had been…

Concealing VAT since 2014.

It was now 2017, which means 3 long years had passed without any VAT payments.

As you can imagine, HMRC demanded immediate payment to catch up…plus a fine.

But instead of facing his duties the Glasgow restaurant owner decided to go out of business, despite the fact he owed around £195,000 to HMRC.

Fast forward to the present day and HMRC have eventually got their man. They might not have got the money back, but they have successfully banned this guy from doing business…

For the next 9 years!

That’s right. This former restaurant owner from Glasgow is now banned from directly or indirectly being involved with the promotion, formation or management of any company.

And what if he ignores the ban? Then you can expect to hear the familiar hammer of a judge being slammed down, and a stay in prison being offered to the Glasgow restaurant owner.

Let this to be a warning to everybody out there.

It doesn’t matter if you are a restaurant owner in Glasgow or a contractor in Cardiff. If you dodge your tax and VAT duties then HMRC will come after you and they will fine you, ban you, and even imprison you.

How would you feel if you found yourself behind bars, and then using the prison telephone to call up your contractor accountant.

“I should have took your advice…I should have paid my tax to HMRC,” you say.

“Yes you should have,” replied the contractor accountant.

“I will never ignore you again.”


The moral of the story – always listen to your contractor accountant and never ignore them, because if you do then expect to be in prison.

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AVOID This Tax Return Guide

Here at ContractorAccountants we are looking out for you. We are in your corner and on your side. You can count on us.

The same can’t be said about a certain high street shop called WHSmith. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Maybe you’ve even gone in and purchased something?

If you go in WHSmith on a regular basis then take our advice and STAY AWAY from their books, especially the books in the “tax advice” section.

The reason? Because it has just come to our attention that WHSmith have been selling a tax return guide book in their store…with information from the 2014-2015 tax year.

Yes you read that right. This tax book was being read by contractors and freelancers all around the country, even though the information they were getting was a few years out of date.

Not only that, but it is thought the book had been a “bestseller,” which means there could be thousands of contractors and freelancers with outdated information in their hands.

Know this: The tax rules imposed by HMRC change on a year to year basis and it is essential you get the very best information which is bang up-to-date.

If you ask us…this is the exact reason why you should STAY AWAY from tax return guides or tax books in shops such as WHSmith.

These books are like newspapers. Headline news one day, and fish and chip wrappers the next.

So where should your tax information from? In our opinion, the only source you should trust is the words coming directly from the mouth of a trusted accountant.

Not just any old accountant either. If you are a contractor and you want the most fresh and up-to-date tax return guides, information, and advice…then you need to speak directly with a contractor accountant.

Fortunately, we have a handful of very trusted contractor accountants right here on our site. We recommend them highly. They have our seal of approval.

Even better, you can visit their website and then get their phone number, and give them a quick call on the dog and bone.

I guarantee you will get more information (that is right up-to-date) from speaking with a contractor accountant for 10 minutes than you would reading a book from WHSmith for 5 hours.

As you can imagine, the price of hiring a contractor accountant is more than the price of a book, but then I’m sure you will agree you get what you pay for.

Buy a cheap book from WHSmith and get out of date information that could land you in trouble with HMRC.

Hire a contractor accountant and right up to date information that keeps you on the good side of HMRC and can even save you money on tax legally.

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Crypto Contractors be Warned – HMRC Are Coming

If you are a contractor who accepts crypto currencies such as Bitcoin for your hard work, then make sure you declare it to the tax man.

The reason? Because just like any other form of payment like cash, cheque or Paypal – you need to pay tax on your earnings.

Up until now it might have been easy to hide your crypto currency payments from HMRC. But in the future it will become harder and harder, to the point where HMRC are really going to be cracking down and handing out fines.

It has just been confirmed by HMRC that they are working with many crypto currency platforms in a bid to find out who is taking the Michael.

If you are one of the contractors taking the Michael, and you are hiding from your tax duties, then be rest assured that HMRC will eventually find out about it. It might not be today, and it might not be tomorrow…but they will get you.

Getting paid by clients in Crypto Currencies such as Bitcoin has become more and more popular in recent years, with some contractors and freelancers who only get paid this way.

Many experts are saying Crypto Currencies are the future and that in 20 years everybody will be paid like that. Who are we to argue with the experts? In fact, it could even be sooner than 20 years if you ask us.

Just like with any technology there are loopholes just waiting to be exploited, and it is crafty contractors who have been exploiting those loopholes so they don’t have to pay the tax man.

Well, it looks as though the game is up because HMRC are now hot on your trail and ready to pounce.

For example, The Crypto Exchange recently admitted they have been asked by HMRC for names and addresses of UK residents who have moved money through the sites between 2017 and 2019.

So don’t be surprised if HMRC come knocking at your door at 5am on a cold Winters morning, hoping to catch you with your pants down.

If you don’t want to be caught with your pants down then may we suggest you hire a contractor accountant.

The top contractor accountants know everything there is know about crypto currencies and they can tell you exactly what you have to declare and what you don’t.

With a contractor accountant in your corner you will never have to worry about getting a knock at your door at 5am. You can sleep peacefully and soundly, safe in the knowledge you have done nothing wrong.

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HMRC Collect £122 Million In Tax…Abroad!

If you thought hiding money in offshore accounts or overseas bank accounts was a good idea, then think again. No more, is it a good idea.

Here at Contractor Accountants we have always been against offshore and overseas shenanigans, and we really dislike those Billionaire Playboys.

Our motto is simple:

“Do everything above board and by the book and you will avoid having the book thrown at you by a judge in a court of law before they slam down the hammer and send you directly to prison for a very long time!”

That is our motto.

However, not everybody is listening to us here at CA. They are still acting like rascals and trying to hide money from HMRC by stashing it abroad.

Well, there is a new sheriff in town, and it goes by the name of “CRS.” The new CRS rules state that more than 100 countries can now share tax data, which makes it easier than ever before to catch the tax cheats and dodgers.

So easy that HMRC have just collected £122 Million pounds in tax on overseas assets. And it is all thanks to CRS.

CRS stands for Common Reporting Standard, and it allows HMRC to get data from banks, investment entities, insurance companies, trusts, and foundations from all over the world.

You can have money in Spain or Saudi Arabia…In Mexico or Malaysia…thanks to CRS it is no longer safe from the prying eyes of HMRC.

Right now, as we speak, there are over 3 million UK taxpayers with financial interests abroad, and if this includes you then we advise you to do everything in compliance and in line with HMRC rules.

The best way is to hire a contractor accountant who can look at your situation and tell you the best way forward.

A good contractor accountant will help you pay less tax legally…and they will show you ways to save money on tax you wouldn’t believe, all above board.

They might even advise you to ship money from abroad and back to the UK. They are the Captain’s and they know the right course to take.

For example, if you had been consulting with a contractor accountant last year, then you would have known about the new RTC rule, which gave British tax payers a grace period before the CRS rules came into effect.

17,000 British tax payers took advantage of this, which means they didn’t get caught with their pants down. Many of those 17,000 would have been with a Contractor Accountant. You can bet on that.

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Taxman Out…Fluffy Chick In…

The HMRC advertising team have been working overtime to come up with a new image so they can reach every man and woman in the UK.

Years ago, the image of HMRC was of a “taxman” in a suit and tie, who was faceless and wanted to get his hands on every penny out of your pocket.

This led most self employed people to view HMRC as the enemy, so to speak. They were seen as foe, rather than friend, if you see what we mean.

So HMRC assembled one of the best advertising teams they could. And the result has been a complete transformation. A total 180. They are now seen in a different light.

For example, a recent advertising campaign about the tax credit deadline has just come into the public limelight and millions of people have embraced it.

Many are talking on social media and lot’s of people are noticing it in newspaper and magazines.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then you are in for a treat…because…the advertising is a picture of…

A baby dressed up in a fluffy chick outfit!

“Genius,” is what we have to say here at Contractor Accountants, followed by “HMRC advertising department have done it again!!”

If you remember, it was last year when HMRC came up with an advertisement featuring quacking ducks…that quacked “tax.”

This was to remind all you contractors out there to get your tax return in on time. And guess what? It worked!

That’s right. More people than ever before did their tax return, in full and on time. The advertising obviously did its job and will no doubt go down as a classic piece of advertising that David Ogilvy himself would have been proud of.

Do you know what though? I reckon HMRC can make the duck campaign even better, and more interactive. What they should do is send out a pair of “duck slippers” to every self employed person in this nation of ours, and then guess what? These slippers will “quack” every time you take a step.

So you will be walking around the house and hearing “quack…quack…quack…quack…” And you will NEVER forget to do your tax return again. How could you forget? It would be impossible.

That “quack, quack” sound will also be a reminder to find yourself the best contractor accountant, which you can do right here at Contractor Accountants DOT COM.

Take a look at the right hand side of the page, right now, and you will see the only contractor accountants worth hiring in the UK.

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HMRC To Open Scottish HQ Hub in 2020

There has long been calls for a HMRC HQ in Scotland. Well, good news, because they are on track to open a hub by 2020.

The new high tech hub will have the opening ceremony in the spring time and is expected to be the main base for all Scottish HMRC staff.

Which city is this HQ Hub going to be in? Inverness, Glasgow, Fife, Dundee…The Highlands, maybe?

No, no, no, no…and no.

The location is going to be…

[drum roll please]


Ah yes, Edinburgh. A city well known for castle’s, kilts, and…contractors, of course.

It is right there in the fair city of Edinburgh where thousands of Scottish contractors ply their trade and pay their taxes. So it makes sense to have the HMRC base themselves right there, in the centre of the action.

If you are a Scottish contractor reading this, then you might be wondering about Edinburgh contractor accountants? Where can you find a decent one?

In our opinion, the best option is look at our recommended contractor accountants, right now at the right hand side of the page.

Sure, you could pound the streets of Edinburgh and look for an accountant on the high street, but how many of them specialise in working with contractors? Not many, you can be assured of that.

You will mostly find general accountants in the city of Edinburgh, and while they are good when you have a general kind of business…when you have a specific kind of business, such as being a contractor, then you need an expert in that field.

As the old saying goes: you wouldn’t hire a dentist to fix your John, and just like you wouldn’t hire a plumber to mend your choppers, if you see what we mean.

If you do see what we mean and we are both on the same wave length then you are in the right place here at Contractor Accountants.

Just like the Scottish HMRC staff are going to be in the right place (Edinburgh) and at the right time (2020).

It is expected there will be around 2600 staff working at the new HMRC HQ and the building is going to cost a cool £240 million.

So let’s all raise our glasses to the Scottish HMRC, Scottish contractors, and Scottish contractor accountants. I’m sure it is going to be the start of a fresh new era for contractors North of The Border, and even South of The Border. No matter which side of the border this is good news all round.

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104,774 Fake HMRC Phone Scams Last Year…

Did you know that in 2016 there was a reported 407 fake HMRC phone scams? Fast forward to 2018 and that number is…


Yes you read that right. We are not pulling your chain or winding you up, and we are definitely NOT leading you down the garden path.

If you are a contractor who is registered with HMRC then you are in the firing line of these fraudsters. They are out to get you, and will not stop, ever, until you have been scammed.

That my friend is the harsh reality of the world we live in these days. Scamming is a lucrative game, and these scammers go by the fake name…of HMRC.

One way they have worked out to con and deceive you is by “spoofing” the official HMRC hotline number.

In other words, they call you up and on your caller ID you see a genuine number, even though they could be calling you from the other side of the world.

Once these fake HMRC callers convince you they are legit, then it doesn’t take long for them to pounce and go for the kill…often getting your bank account details or demanding a payment from your debit or credit card.

Fortunately, it looks as though fake HMRC phone spoofing may be coming to an end in 2019. Officials at HMRC have worked closely with the phone companies, and new technology was introduced to stop the spoofs.

Hopefully we have seen the end of HMRC spoofing, but you can guarantee these scammers will find another way to try and enter your bank account.

If you ask me, the best way to secure yourself against scammer, fraudsters, and rogues of the night is to hire a contractor accountant.

Then, you hand over your tax affairs to them, and if anyone phones up claiming to be from HMRC you simply say…

“Speak to my contractor accountant!” before slamming the phone down.

It really is as simple as that folks.

And the best part? You are in the right place place, right now, to find the top contractor accountants in the UK in 2019.

All you have to do is look to the right hand side of the web page, right now, and see our recommended and trustworthy choices.

Our website is the choice of a new generation. A generation of contractors who will NOT be scammed and taken for a ride. A generation of contractors who want to pay less tax (legally) and to get their tax return in on time, every time.

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ATTENTION Welsh Contractors: Does HMRC Owe You Money?

After a blunder by HMRC it has just come to light that some contractors in Wales are paying too much tax. Are you one of them?

Thousands of Welsh contractors have been affected by this blunder, and here is how to tell if you are one of them:

The new Welsh income tax rates were introduced last month, which means all Welsh contractors should see a “C” prefix in the tax code on their payslip.

However, after a mixup at HMRC HQ, it appears that many Welsh contractors have been given an “S” prefix on their payslip. And guess what “S” stands for?

“S” stands for…Scotland!

That’s right. Thanks to this blunder many contractors in Wales are paying Scottish tax rates, which means they are paying way too much tax.

What you need to do is check your payslips and tax codes immediately, and if you don’t see a “C” and instead see an “S” then you should phone up HMRC right away and demand to get your money back.

Do you know what else you should do? You should hire a contractor accountant in Wales to stay on top of this for you.

A good contractor accountant will keep an eye on the “C’s” and the “S’s” in your tax code and make sure everything is correct and up-to-date.

You won’t have to do anything, except pay them a small amount every month for watching your back.

Think of it like hiring a private bodyguard, who keeps you safe while you enjoy yourself, but instead of getting Kevin Costner singing “I will always love you…” – You simply get a trusted and reliable Welsh contractor accountant who does your books and saves you money on tax.

No hassle. No nonsense and no funny business. Just plain speak from the very best contractor accountants in Wales.

You can find the contractor accountants we recommend by looking at the right hand side of the page, right now.

We put all of them through their paces, and only the fittest survive on that small patch of our website reserved for the best contractor accountants in the UK.

Back to the story and thanks to the HMRC P800 tax calculation system…if you have overpaid on tax in Wales then you could get your payment back automatically…straight into your bank account.

You won’t have to wait for months for a cheque in the post. So don’t delay. Phone HMRC today and make them pay.

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HMRC To Erase Your Voice?

Before you even get to say hello you hear a “click”. What is that you wonder? Am I being recorded without my knowledge, perhaps?

Then the friendly HMRC customer service assistant answers the phone and says “hello sir, how may I be of assistance to you today?” And with those words you forget all about the “click” and just get on with your business.

But that “click” never really goes away, and everytime you phone up the HMRC hotline you hear the same, familiar…”click.”

It turns out HMRC have recorded the voice of 5 million taxpayers…without explicit consent from a single person.

“Click” – record voice – “Click” end recording of voice.

5 million times…again and again.

What happened here is HMRC automatically signed people up to a voice ID system, but many campaigners see this as them breaking the privacy laws.

Some campaigners have described the incident as “biometric ID cards by the back door,” while the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) said it was a “significant breach of data laws.”

I seem to remember similar things happening with airlines recently…in America, who are tapping into the FBI database to automatically check in passengers with the scan of an eye.

Just one “Scan” and you are checked in. But many passengers didn’t consent to their data being shared.

Back to HMRC and they are fighting back against ICO and the campaigners, with the CEO of HMRC himself, Sir John Thompson having this to say…

“I am satisfied that HMRC should continue to use voice ID. It is popular with our customers, is a more secure way of protecting customer data, and enables us to get callers through to an adviser faster.” he said.

The Contractor Accountants (CA) verdict on this saga? In our opinion although there is probably a lot of breaching and breaking going on right now, in regards to your privacy, perhaps this is just a new era of doing things?

If you want to get through to a HMRC advisor quickly and efficiently then maybe having your voice stored on a database isn’t such a bad thing, and having to give your consent to every thing, all the time, is just plain madness.

Kind of like those annoying website popups where you constantly must “agree to proceed” and that type of thing.

I don’t know. While storing information without your direct consent could be an issue, I just think that having to give your permission all the time is a real drag.

What I do know is that if you are looking for the best contractor accountants in the UK then you have found us. Just look to the right hand side of the webpage…NOW.

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WARNING – HMRC Scam In West Yorkshire

If you are a contractor who lives in West Yorkshire then you must listen to our WARNING. Make sure you read every word on this page.

This isn’t Click Bait either. This comes directly from the horses mouth…West Yorkshire Police to be exact, who have issued a warning to all self employed people in West Yorkshire.

It is a scam phone call doing the rounds, where the caller claims to be from HMRC but is actually a scammer.

This is not fiction. This is fact.

Not only that, but reports suggest these HMRC scam phonecalls are the most aggressive seen to date.

The caller pretends to be from the police and threatens the contractor with arrest if they don’t pay up.

I really can’t believe how low some people can stoop, can you? It makes you wonder how these scammers sleep at night?

The West Yorkshire Police have advised all contractors, freelancers, gig workers, and self employed people in West Yorkshire to ignore the calls and report it to ACTION FRAUD.

Here at Contractor Accountants we agree with West Yorkshire Police, although we say there is nothing wrong with slipping in a quick “FU” to these scammers before slamming the phone down.


We’ve just had another HMRC scam story hit the CA News Desk, right now.

Apparently these scammers are targeting a similar phone scam around the country, although it has just become a bit more sophisticated.

This one is an automated phone call that tells listeners (in an official tone) that HMRC are launching a lawsuit against them.

“Press one to make a payment and avoid court” the automated voice goes on to add.

Unfortunately, many elderly and vulnerable people are falling for this scam. Although anybody could fall for it. It really does sound very official.

Other scams to watch out for (which we have reported about before) include email phishing, tax refund scams and trying to get you to call premium rate telephone numbers.

Our advice? Only deal with HMRC through their official communication lines. Go to their official website directly (don’t click a link in an email) and never phone a number that somebody gives you. Get the phone number from their official website.

If somebody calls you claiming to be from HMRC then tell them you will call them back on their official number. If they really are from HMRC then they won’t have any problems with that.

If it is obviously a scam then shout a few choice words at these scammers before slamming the phone down.

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“Ready, Steady, Go!” – MTD is Live

On April 1st HMRC made MTD (Making Tax Digital) Live. This wasn’t an April Fools joke, it was finally here, and contractors couldn’t believe it.

It seems like MTD has been talked about for years. Almost like a myth or a legend, and contractors wondered if it would ever see the light of day.

Well, at the time of writing it is now 11:18am on 2nd April 2019, and here at Contractor Accountants we can confirm that MTD is Live.

That means if you are a VAT registered business in the UK and you make over £85,000 a year, then you MUST be registered for MTD.

“Don’t delay…do it today,” is our advice.

There are 1.2million businesses in the UK who are now subjected to MTD, and over the next few years it is expected everyone will have to call themselves a MTD contractor, freelancer, gig worker, or business owner.

In other words, if you are a contractor then you should get your making tax digital affairs in order and make sure you are legal.

The best way to do this is by hiring a contractor accountant and letting them setup your MTD account. They will do it on your behalf and without you having to lift a finger.

Our very own contractor accountants are experts in all things MTD. These are the best contractor accountants in the UK, and you can find them right here on this very website. Take a look and you will find them.

Back to the MTD launch and it is estimated that 100,000 businesses are already signed up to the MTD platform, with a further 4000 businesses a day joining.

Over the next 12 months HMRC will be giving businesses a gentle nudge to get them signed up and then a nudge will turn into a light slap.

Eventually it will be against the law to NOT be signed up for MTD…but for now HMRC are taking the soft approach.

Make no mistake about it. You will be prosecuted by HMRC if you don’t sign up and become Making Tax Digital Registered. Not now, but eventually…yes.

Not all contractors are in in favour of MTD, and if you remember, there was a lot of debate on the subject right here on the CA blog many moons ago.

A lot of our faithful readers wrote in and “Raged Against MTD,” calling it “ludicrus” and “a waste of space.”

Many others thought it was going to be a “major hassle,” and to “cost them more money.”

Eventually, some contractors started to warm to the idea of MTD. Let’s wait to see what happens, shall we.

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Lorraine Fought The HMRC…And Lorraine Won

Usually when people fight the HMRC in court then HMRC win. No contest. End of discussion “Pay us now,” say the HMRC.

Step forward Lorraine Kelly, the television royalty on the same level as superstars such as Jeremy Kyle, Jamie Oliver and Ross Kemp.

Lorraine is a favourite of the nation, there is no doubt about that, and when faced with the power of HMRC she decided to FIGHT THE POWER, and guess what? She won.

That’s right. Lorraine fought the HMRC…and Lorraine won…and now she has the right to call herself a bonafide contractor and reject the moniker of employee.

The HMRC wanted to label her as an employee. They claimed she was hired by ITV in a “employer/employee” relationship, which meant she would be subjected to the whole IR35 madness.

In short, the HMRC slapped Lorraine with a £1.2 million tax bill.

They were expecting a cheque from the the TV superstar, but were left stunned at HMRC HQ when Lorraine issued a challenge…

“I will see you in court,” were the words that came from the mouth of Lorraine Kelly.

Fighting words no doubt, and Lorraine Kelly was determined to take on the HMRC and let a judge rule over her case. She wasn’t writing out any cheques, just yet.

And so Lorraine Kelly VS HMRC came to court, and on the breezy but sunny morning of the court case there was television cameras and paparazzi photographers waiting outside the courthouse just waiting to get snaps of Lorraine turning up to the court.

Kind of like a court red carpet. Some say she even posed for snaps before the court was in session, while others noted that her superstar friends such as Mr Kyle, Mr Oliver, and Mr Kemp were there to offer support and offer a character witness.

Well it seems to have worked because a judge slammed down that trusty hammer and ruled that Lorraine Kelly was NOT employed by ITV and that she WAS a contractor who works for herself.

Long story short…she could say goodbye to HMRC and their £1.2 million tax bill, and close the door on this whole IR35 madness.

She was a free woman, and some witnesses report that as she left the courtroom she held her hand up in celebration and defiance.

You know, something tells me that Lorraine could have avoided this situation if she had a trustworthy contractor accountant in her corner.

Our best contractor accountants are trained to help you pay less tax while keeping you out of trouble with HMRC.

They fight on your behalf, and they always win. You can hire a contractor accountant right now.

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Highest Paid Contractors Live Here

Have you ever wondered where the highest paid contractors live? Is it North or South and how much do they get paid? Keep reading…

Firstly, let’s establish what “high paid” means. What we are talking about here is contractors who make over £150,000 a year. A nice bit of change, I’m sure you would agree.

A recent survey shows us that two-thirds of the highest paid contractors live in London or the commuter towns that are within driving or a train ride distance.

Approximately 205,000 people in London and the South East make £150,000 or more a year, many of them are classed as contractors and freelancers. Some are even called gig workers.

12,000 people come from the Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster. 3 places known for being home to the rich and famous.

Other places in London and the South East where contractors are laughing to the bank include Wandsworth, Camden, Fulham, and Elmbridge.

However, it wasn’t just London and the South East where contractors are getting paid over £150,000. For example, Edinburgh is a really happening place right now for contractors, and it is also a place where contractors are getting paid.

Cheshire East is also on the list, as well as Wilmslow and Mottram St Andrew.

Have you ever wondered how many people get paid £1 million or more per year? According to official HMRC statistics it is 31,000 people who broke the 7 figure barrier in 2018, and some of those people were no doubt contractors and freelancers. Some even gig workers.

If you are a contractor who makes over £150,000 a year, and even over £1 million a year…then I’m sure one of your main concerns is about paying too much tax.

You could easily find yourself paying 40% or more of your income to HMRC, and while I’m sure you legally want to meet your responsibilities and do everything above board…you probably also want to save a bit of money on tax.

Fortunately you are in the right place for doing just that. Here at Contractor Accountants we match high earning contractors with the best contractor accountants, and then…you have the perfect match.

Some pundits have described us as like “a dating site for contractors.”

“Just swipe to the right and find a perfect 10,” one pundit wrote after reviewing our site.

All of our recommended contractor accountants are perfect 10’s. You can bet on that. They are trustworthy and professional, and spend all of their time with contractors who make over £150,000 a year.

What if you don’t quite make £150,000 a year yet, is a contractor accountant still for you? Absolutely yes! And in fact, they will treat you equally, because a good contractor accountant understands that a new contractor today is a 1 million a year contractor of tomorrow.

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£400,000 VAT Scam = 5.5 Years for Accountant

A good accountant is as trustworthy as Santa Claus. You get a visit from them once a year and they give you gifts.

The gift of saving money on your tax bill is all most contractors want for Christmas, and with our trustworthy and respected contractor accountants you can do just that.

It does sadden us to hear that not all accountants play by the rules and by the book. Some are even downright dishonest and will steal money like they are taking candy from a baby.

Just like one rogue accountant in Birmingham, who was recently sentenced to 5 and half years for a VAT Scam.

This accountant cooked the books and setup 100 fraudulent repayments which then sent £400,000 directly into his bank accountant.

He was literally laughing all the way to the bank, until HMRC cottoned on to the scam and swiftly pounced into action.

What they found is this scammer accountant had hijacked businesses and then stole money. No-one is safe from these criminals it seems, unless you have a contractor accountant on your side.

Our contractor accountants keep a watchful eye on your business, like a hawk, and they will stop any hijacker before they even get to your gates.

Hiring a contractor accountant is like building a fortress around your property. No intruder can get in. You are 100% safe.

Back to the story and HMRC found this rogue accountant used the stolen money to fund a lavish lifestyle filled with fast cars, expensive holidays and a house.

Him and his wife travelled the world on innocent people’s dimes…going to places such as Las Vegas, Dubai, India and Mexico. The life of riley, no doubt.

But it all came to end when HMRC took him to court and a judge slammed down the hammer and announced “5 and half years” to a shocked courtroom.

The judge went on to rub salt in the wounds by describing the accountant as “thoroughly dishonest” and “a conman,” before leading him off in handcuffs to serve the time for doing the crime.

I think the moral of this story is quite simple – You MUST hire a contractor accountant to protect your business and make sure everything is done right.

Not only will you get peace of mind from knowing there is no-one scamming you, but you also get the benefit of paying less tax (legally) which is what all contractor accountants are trained to do for you.

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