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£250k, Blew Away, By Rogue Accountant

There was an accountant by the name of Andrew in the small town of Bispham, Lancashire, who seemed like a good accountant who you could trust.

So it came as no surprise when he landed the job of “head accountant” at National League football club AFC Fylde. A club who hold ambitions of one day making it to the big leagues, which means they need their books balancing and plenty of cash in the kitty.

Things were going well on the pitch for AFC Fylde, but strange things started to happen off the pitch…and all arrows started pointing towards the office of the accountant.

The numbers were not adding up, and pretty soon the cops were called in. What they found shocked everybody at the club…even the Right Back.

This “trusted” accountant who went by the name of Andrew had quietly stole close to £250k from the club. A bit here and a bit there…he was pocketing a bit of cash everywhere.

He went on expensive shopping trips to places like Harrads and purchased designer Chanel handbags. That was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to luxury gifts, as prosecutors said he was living a “champagne lifestyle.”

Not only that but he enjoyed other finer things in life such as gambling, drugs and web cam models. He often started off the day stuffing the stolen money up his nose, before putting on a few bets at the local bookies and then chatting to web cam models at £8 a minute.

One web cam model in particular caught his fancy, and it wasn’t long until he took her out to Harrods. Just like an ordinary couple…living the Champagne lifestyle.

Although this was no ordinary couple and as soon as the accountant was caught with his pants down and arrested then the webcam model disappeared back into cyberspace.

Long story short and Andrew the accountant was soon in court and facing a judge. If he expected leniency then he was in for a shock, because on that day there was none. The judge had that hammer in his hands and he wasn’t afraid to use it.

“32 Months in the slammer for you,” said the judge.

So Andrew the rogue accountant is behind bars for a couple of years or more, and in our opinion here at Contractor Accountants it just goes to show the difference between a good accountant and a bad accountant.

A good accountant can be an asset and help take your company from strength to strength.

On the other hand, a bad accountant can nearly sink the ship and ensure you never make it to the Premier League.

Fortunately for you, we have separated the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, and identified the best accountants in the UK.

You can trust these accountants 100%. You have our word.

It doesn’t matter if you are a football club or a contractor…look to the right hand side of the page now and find one of our trusted accountants.

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In YOUR Bank Account? HMRC Could Gain New Powers

If the tax man comes a knocking then under current rules they need permission to look in your bank account. No More! Potentailly…

New rules are possibly about to be introduced right now, as we speak, where HMRC will have the power to gain access to your bank account and snoop around…without any permission.

There will be no warning and no “polite request.” Even your bank manager can’t stop them. In fact, the bank manager doesn’t even have to tell you.

It’s thought the new rules would mean HMRC can look at your bank statements and you would never know anything about it.

Under the cover of darkness they pounce, like cat burglars in the night.

The key is left under the mat, no need for a crowbar.

Banks typically have to tell their customers if a tax official wants to snoop around in your bank account.

These usually come under the guise of “information orders” which are official requests from HMRC to look closer at the financials of someone they are investigating.

However, it seems HMRC are becoming frustrated with the amount of time these information orders take to process, and that is why they want to speed up the process by eliminating them once and for all.

In other words, they want the magic keys to your bank account. No permission required. And it looks like they are going to get it.

Uproar is the mood among critics and experts in the media world when they heard about all of this. Many believe it is a breach of privacy.

Take James Daley for example, who is the managing director of Fairer Finance. He recently said – “The system we have contains essential protections for taxpayers privacy and rights. The idea that HMRC can request information from people’s bank, from state agents and other third parties without notifying the individual is shocking.”

HMRC have hit back against the onslaught by reassuring people that nothing has been decided yet, one way or another.

“We are considering a range of options,” said a spokesperson for HMRC.

They also went on to add that even if these new powers were brought in…even then, only a few hundred cases a year would warrant it being actioned.

Still…if you want my opinion then listen closely because I am only going to say this once.

If you are a self employed contractor then it is more important than ever before to get yourself a good accountant.

Sure…you might not be doing anything wrong and you might very well consider yourself a man or woman of great reputation within the community. But…

If HMRC can gain entry to the castle, so to speak, without your knowledge, then if you ask me it is more important than ever before to make sure everything is in tip top shape.

Hire a contractor accountant right now. Do not delay another second.

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