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Freelancers on the whole are an enterprising bunch

Contractor accountants and other freelancers are becoming more enterprising and creating opportunities for themselves according to figures released by the CIPD.

Data from the Institute shows that an extra 350,000 jobs have been created this year and 30% of these can be attributed to the self-employed. Two thirds of these new jobs went to people in the under 35 age group and the remaining third to people over 50.

However, this job creation seems to have completely bypassed those aged between 35 and 50. The author of the report, Dr John Philpott, said that it is easy to see why many people are still unconvinced that the economy is recovering when a core element of the workforce has not benefited from the recovery in the jobs market.

Once more permanent full-time opportunities become available, the middle age group should start to feel the benefits but this could take time as growth is likely to slow down somewhat in 2011.

The government is keen to encourage people to set up their own business. Mark Prisk, the business and enterprise minister, recently laid out measures to encourage micro-lending to small enterprises and called on Brits to display their spirit of entrepreneurship.

The Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme is to be reformed to increase community development finance institutions access to funding. Prisk said that he wanted to encourage everybody to start their own enterprise, regardless of their previous background and CDFIs give vital support to businesses in depressed communities.

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Vince Cable celebrates Global Entrepreneurs Week

The government is determined to get rid of quangos and yet advisory groups are already popping up around the small business regulations and tax issues that affect contractor accountants and their clients.

On Monday, Vince Cable, the business secretary, created the Entrepreneurs’ Forum to advise the coalition on business and enterprise policies. The group, which is made up of high profile entrepreneurs, will meet four times a year to give informal and personal advice. 16 entrepreneurs have already been appointed to the forum, including Jan Fletcher and Sarah Tremellen, and there may be up to 10 more members.

Setting up the Entrepreneurs Forum was one of the ways Vince Cable marked the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week. He also created a new business mentoring network. The network consists of around 40,000 business mentors who will help start-up enterprises across the country access information and advice on running a successful business.

The business secretary called on firms around the country to join the mentoring network. People who have started up their own successful company have to be the best mentors for new start-ups, he commented.

Cable also remarked that start-up businesses and limited company contractors are going to be important to the country’s overall economic recovery. He said that not only do start-ups create jobs, they stimulate innovation and provide competition for existing businesses which encourages them to increase productivity.

Recently, the government confirmed that the Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme will continue for the next four years. About £2 billion will be made available to firms through the scheme.

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