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Meow, Meow – Did The Accountant Steal?

Cats go “meow meow,” but what do they say when accountants steal from them? We are not talking about your average household cat, we are talking about…

The upcoming “CATS” film.

I’m assuming it is based on the popular theatre production of the same name? Well, anyway, it is a production company called Monumental Pictures who are attempting to bring Cats to the big screen, and like any film production company they need some good accountants to balance the books.

Fast forward to right now and Monumental Pictures have taken one of their accountants to court and accused him of stealing £230,000.

“Meow, Meow,” I’m sure the cat didn’t like that, at all.

According to the prosecution this accountant put 230 grand in his pocket between April 2016 and October 2018.

How was this even possible, you might be wondering?

It’s because Monumental Pictures have different bank accounts for each production, and because they are involved in numerous TV and film productions then it is easy to get distracted and not watch every penny in every account.

They claim this accountant took money out of their bank account and put it into his own bank account. Not only was this stealing, but it was also a major blow to the production of CATS, the movie.

“Meow, meow,” said the cat with a sad face.

At this point we must say that this is an ongoing court case and everything said in this blog post is simply alleged and nothing has been proven in a court of law.

“Innocent until proven guilty,” we say.

And what does the cat say? “Meow, meow, meow, meow….” the cat agrees with us.

So the accountant who is accused…he is currently released on bail until the final court hearing where a judge will decide innocent or guilty and prison or no prison.

And then maybe CATS can finally get produced and we can all just enjoy it instead of reading about it.

If you are a film production company and you want a trustworthy accountant then have you ever tried a contractor accountant?

Thousands of contractors swear by them, and here at Contractor Accountants DOT com we have certified them.

Look to the right hand side of the page and you will see about 5 contractor accountants who we highly recommend.

Best of all, to the best of our knowledge they all like cats!

“Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow…”

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9 Year Ban For Restaurant Owner in Glasgow

What happens if you own a business and you dodge your tax and VAT duties? The HMRC will swing the ban hammer!

They have proven again and again they are not shy about getting tough on rogue business owners.

Take the recent story of a restaurant owner in Glasgow. He served good food and his customers were happy. But HMRC were left with an empty plate. Which means they were NOT happy.


This Scottish restaurant owner didn’t bother to file quarterly tax returns, although he was bound by law to do so.

It didn’t take long for HMRC to leap into action, and after a bit of snooping around they found he had been…

Concealing VAT since 2014.

It was now 2017, which means 3 long years had passed without any VAT payments.

As you can imagine, HMRC demanded immediate payment to catch up…plus a fine.

But instead of facing his duties the Glasgow restaurant owner decided to go out of business, despite the fact he owed around £195,000 to HMRC.

Fast forward to the present day and HMRC have eventually got their man. They might not have got the money back, but they have successfully banned this guy from doing business…

For the next 9 years!

That’s right. This former restaurant owner from Glasgow is now banned from directly or indirectly being involved with the promotion, formation or management of any company.

And what if he ignores the ban? Then you can expect to hear the familiar hammer of a judge being slammed down, and a stay in prison being offered to the Glasgow restaurant owner.

Let this to be a warning to everybody out there.

It doesn’t matter if you are a restaurant owner in Glasgow or a contractor in Cardiff. If you dodge your tax and VAT duties then HMRC will come after you and they will fine you, ban you, and even imprison you.

How would you feel if you found yourself behind bars, and then using the prison telephone to call up your contractor accountant.

“I should have took your advice…I should have paid my tax to HMRC,” you say.

“Yes you should have,” replied the contractor accountant.

“I will never ignore you again.”


The moral of the story – always listen to your contractor accountant and never ignore them, because if you do then expect to be in prison.

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Accountant Stole £295,000…Pays Back Just £1

It seems some accountants in the UK are out of control. “Drunk on power,” is what some pundits are saying and we don’t disagree with them.

Here at Contractor Accountants we are now extra cautious about who we allow into our inner circle of excellence. Most of the top rated accountants you see at the right hand side of the page have been with us for years and have earned our trust, time and time again.

So onwards to the story…about an accountant from Maidstone who thought he could get away with stealing £295,000 from the company he was working for.

Not only that, but he instantly took £150,000 of that money and went on a Wet and Wild spending spree. The kind of rampage usually reserved the rich, famous, and out of control.

This accountant from Maidstone was not rich and he was not famous…but he was out of control. Way out of control!

To the point where all of the stolen cash went on a champagne and cocaine binge. He topped it all of with the company of 10 escort girls.

Some witnesses have reported this happened over the course of a few weeks. It must have been tiring, no doubt.

So this accountant from Maidstone was young, dumb, and full of champagne and cocaine, so as you can imagine, it didn’t take long for him to get caught red handed, with his hand in the honey pot, so to speak.

The rogue accountant had his day in court and was sentenced to 2 and half years in prison where there is no champagne or cocaine. Instead, he should get used to oats and rice in the prison cafeteria

Because he still lived with his parents and had no assets, the judge decided that trying to get the money back would be a waste. Which is why, he only has to pay back…

£1 !!

Yes you read that right. After stealing nearly £300,000 quid, the only cash he has to give back is 100 pence.

While he seems to have got off lightly right now, it is thought the State could tap into some of his future earnings should he ever join the workforce again.

Maybe he might give accounting a second go? If so, the one place you can be sure you WON’T find him is here at Contractor Accountants.

Sure, we do believe in second chances and we hope he learns his lesson and comes back as a model citizen…BUT we are super strict about who we let into our inner circle of trusted contractor accountants, and if you have any kind of criminal record then you have no chance of being called…

One of the best contractor accountants in the UK.

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HMRC Collect £122 Million In Tax…Abroad!

If you thought hiding money in offshore accounts or overseas bank accounts was a good idea, then think again. No more, is it a good idea.

Here at Contractor Accountants we have always been against offshore and overseas shenanigans, and we really dislike those Billionaire Playboys.

Our motto is simple:

“Do everything above board and by the book and you will avoid having the book thrown at you by a judge in a court of law before they slam down the hammer and send you directly to prison for a very long time!”

That is our motto.

However, not everybody is listening to us here at CA. They are still acting like rascals and trying to hide money from HMRC by stashing it abroad.

Well, there is a new sheriff in town, and it goes by the name of “CRS.” The new CRS rules state that more than 100 countries can now share tax data, which makes it easier than ever before to catch the tax cheats and dodgers.

So easy that HMRC have just collected £122 Million pounds in tax on overseas assets. And it is all thanks to CRS.

CRS stands for Common Reporting Standard, and it allows HMRC to get data from banks, investment entities, insurance companies, trusts, and foundations from all over the world.

You can have money in Spain or Saudi Arabia…In Mexico or Malaysia…thanks to CRS it is no longer safe from the prying eyes of HMRC.

Right now, as we speak, there are over 3 million UK taxpayers with financial interests abroad, and if this includes you then we advise you to do everything in compliance and in line with HMRC rules.

The best way is to hire a contractor accountant who can look at your situation and tell you the best way forward.

A good contractor accountant will help you pay less tax legally…and they will show you ways to save money on tax you wouldn’t believe, all above board.

They might even advise you to ship money from abroad and back to the UK. They are the Captain’s and they know the right course to take.

For example, if you had been consulting with a contractor accountant last year, then you would have known about the new RTC rule, which gave British tax payers a grace period before the CRS rules came into effect.

17,000 British tax payers took advantage of this, which means they didn’t get caught with their pants down. Many of those 17,000 would have been with a Contractor Accountant. You can bet on that.

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Accountant Stole £1.7 Million In Bermuda Shorts?

There was an accountant in Cardiff, Wales, who seemed trustworthy and reliable, but he turned out to be the complete opposite.

So when he applied for a job as accountant of Bermuda he seemed like the perfect fit. He would get paid a salary of £80,000 and the country of Bermuda would get a good accountant at a fair price. Everyone wins…or so it seemed.

In fact, the accountant from Cardiff, Wales, managed to steal around £1.7 million cash directly into his bank accountant.

How did he do this? Mainly through creating fake payments. 50 of them to be exact. One at a time. One by one. No-one suspected a thing. And he would have got away with as well, if it had not have been for his appetite for…

Fast cars, gambling, and properties!

He was living life in the fast lane, at a speed which some called “Fast and Furious,” but this caused many people to take notice, especially since his salary was only £80,000 a year.

So the investigators came in and took a look under the bonnet, and what they found shocked them.

The first clue was a brand new Mercedes Benz car sitting in his garage. It still had the price tag on and this led the investigators to investigate further.

Then, they came across the fact his £140,000 mortgage was now completely paid off, and after a bit more digging around they found a trail of £500,000 LOST at online casinos and gambling sites.

With all this information in hand they had no qualms and about contacting the Police, and on a frosty morning in the suburbs of Cardiff the Police bashed down his front door and dragged him out of bed and put him in handcuffs.

Was he wearing Bermuda shorts? It doesn’t tell us in the official reports, but what it does tell us is that after pleading guilty this accountant from Wales got 7 years in jail.

So he went directly to a jail cell where he swapped the Bermuda shorts for a prison uniform, and that is another rogue accountant off the streets.

One day a real rain will come and wash all of the rogue accountants off the streets, but until that day you have to be very careful about which accountant you hire.

One trick to make sure you get the best accountant who is trustworthy and reliable is to use our “rolodex” of contractor accountants.

We trust them and you can rely on them. You have our word. Look to the right hand side of the page now to see who we recommend.

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£250k, Blew Away, By Rogue Accountant

There was an accountant by the name of Andrew in the small town of Bispham, Lancashire, who seemed like a good accountant who you could trust.

So it came as no surprise when he landed the job of “head accountant” at National League football club AFC Fylde. A club who hold ambitions of one day making it to the big leagues, which means they need their books balancing and plenty of cash in the kitty.

Things were going well on the pitch for AFC Fylde, but strange things started to happen off the pitch…and all arrows started pointing towards the office of the accountant.

The numbers were not adding up, and pretty soon the cops were called in. What they found shocked everybody at the club…even the Right Back.

This “trusted” accountant who went by the name of Andrew had quietly stole close to £250k from the club. A bit here and a bit there…he was pocketing a bit of cash everywhere.

He went on expensive shopping trips to places like Harrads and purchased designer Chanel handbags. That was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to luxury gifts, as prosecutors said he was living a “champagne lifestyle.”

Not only that but he enjoyed other finer things in life such as gambling, drugs and web cam models. He often started off the day stuffing the stolen money up his nose, before putting on a few bets at the local bookies and then chatting to web cam models at £8 a minute.

One web cam model in particular caught his fancy, and it wasn’t long until he took her out to Harrods. Just like an ordinary couple…living the Champagne lifestyle.

Although this was no ordinary couple and as soon as the accountant was caught with his pants down and arrested then the webcam model disappeared back into cyberspace.

Long story short and Andrew the accountant was soon in court and facing a judge. If he expected leniency then he was in for a shock, because on that day there was none. The judge had that hammer in his hands and he wasn’t afraid to use it.

“32 Months in the slammer for you,” said the judge.

So Andrew the rogue accountant is behind bars for a couple of years or more, and in our opinion here at Contractor Accountants it just goes to show the difference between a good accountant and a bad accountant.

A good accountant can be an asset and help take your company from strength to strength.

On the other hand, a bad accountant can nearly sink the ship and ensure you never make it to the Premier League.

Fortunately for you, we have separated the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, and identified the best accountants in the UK.

You can trust these accountants 100%. You have our word.

It doesn’t matter if you are a football club or a contractor…look to the right hand side of the page now and find one of our trusted accountants.

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“Congratulations. 4 Billion in Tax Saved…”

Everybody wants to pay less tax. It doesn’t matter if you are a six figure contractor or a billionaire playboy. You want to save on tax.

Well, the biggest billionaire playboy of them of all has just showed us all how to pay less tax. 4 Billion pounds to be exact, is the amount he is going to be saving and HMRC won’t see a penny of it.

It is Sir Jim Ratcliffe to be exact, one of the richest men in the UK who has decided to take his 21 Billion Pounds fortune and move to Monaco.

Ah yes…Monaco…the home of billionaire and millionaire playboys alike. A place where sitting around on your yacht and enjoying yourself is the life of riley. And the life of paying virtually no tax.

So did Sir Jim come up with this idea himself? No he didn’t…it was done with the help of an accountancy firm who have engineered the whole thing.

It is those clever accountants who have struck again. They are working around the clock to mastermind ways everybody can pay less tax.

You can be the richest person in the UK or the poorest person in the UK. An accountant is there to save you money on tax.

Just like our very own contractor accountants. You can find them at the right hand side of the page, right now.

These contractor accountants do everything by the book, you can bet on that, and they probably won’t recommend you up sticks and move to Monaco.

However, what they will do is suggest ways you can pay less tax (legally of course) and then devise a plan so you have more money in your bank account this time next year.

It doesn’t matter if you are a contractor making 4 figures, 5 figures, 6 figures, or even 7 figures. There is a contractor accountant just waiting to help you out and get you started on the road to success.

You don’t have to do anything drastic like move to Monaco. Would you really enjoy that anyway? Sure, it might be good for a bit, but after a while you would probably get bored and want to move back.

Back to Billionaire Sir Jim, and as you can imagine there has been backlash against his decision to find tax relief in Monaco.

Some politicians have hit out and accused him of stealing money from the government’s pocket, but can we really take anything a politician says seriously anymore? In my opinion, no.

What would they do with that money anyway? Probably just waste it away on more nonsense, and give most of it to the EU.

I think the message here is…it is your duty to legally pay less tax, and you can do that with the help of a contractor accountant.

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Bizarre Late Tax Return Excuses (2019 Edition)

It’s that time of the year again. A time for sending in your tax return by the 31st January..or making up an excuse why you can’t.

Here at Contractor Accountants it has become a yearly ritual to list the best (or worst) excuses for missing the tax return deadline.

Some of these reasons are just downright bizarre if you ask us, but that didn’t stop people from trying it on with HMRC.

Coming in at number 1 (in our opinion) is the guy who was “too short to reach the post box.”

This means he couldn’t post his tax return, which in turn means he missed the deadline. I guess finding someone taller to post it for him was just a step too far?

He should have hired a contractor accountant to get the job done. Research shows that not only are they the best (when it comes to doing tax returns) but they are also above average in height (over 6 ft).

Another self employed person who failed to get their tax return in on time decided to blame the maid(s).

Apparently, the first maid left, and then the second maid stole goods from the house, while the third maid was very slow to learn.

Needless to say this guy was stressed about the situation and didn’t have time to bother about a tax return.

Moral of the story: Pay your maid well and everything will be ok.

How about some other bizarre excuses? Well, there was one woman who couldn’t find her tax return form because she couldn’t find her glasses. It really does make you wonder how she can even find her way down stairs in the morning.

Another guy had the unfortunate luck of no heating in his home due to a broken boiler. Guess what? His house became so cold his fingers were too cold to type, so no tax return was filled in.

What he should have done is hired a contractor accountant to do the tax return for him. The last time I checked, all of our recommended contractor accountants have the heating up full blast at this time of the year, which means warm hands around the clock.

Those warm hands are also “expert hands” who have years of experience of getting your tax return in on time. You don’t have to do anything, just leave it to a contractor accountant.

As you might have guessed by now…all of these excuses were firmly rejected by HMRC, which means all of the above contractors, freelancers and self employed people were hit with a fine for submitting their tax return late.

A fine of £100 to be exact, and if you still don’t send it in? Then expect more fines until you do.

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X Factor Tax Fraud Accountant Pleads Guilty

Millions of people enjoy sitting round the box on a Saturday night and watching X Factor. It isn’t all singing and dancing though.

Oh no. There are many things which go on behind the scenes which would shock you. All kinds of things. Some things we would never even write about here on Contractor Accountants.

One thing we do write about is tax issues, so we feel obliged to report about this particular X Factor tax fraud saga that was going on behind the scenes.

It was an X Factor champion who is the victim here. NO…It isn’t Gareth Gates and NO…it isn’t Rik Waller.

Its a guy named James Arthur who won the X Factor competition recently and then set-up his own music company called “Raff Music Ltd.”

The purpose of this company was to collect the cash for all the songs and appearances Mr Arthur was getting paid for, and to make sure everything was above board he hired an accountant.

Now at this point I would have thought James would have gone to X Factor judge Simon Cowell for advice on who to hire for his accountant.

“Who should I hire?” he would ask.

“A contractor accountant, go to Contractor Accountants DOT Com,” the reply could very well have been.

It is our understanding here at CA that Simon Cowell is a big fan of Contractor Accountants and he hires them to do all of his books.

Unfortunately, it seems that James Arthur never asked Simon Cowell for advice about hiring an accountant. Instead he went it alone, and hired his own accountant.

We are not sure where he found this accountant, but it definitely wasn’t at Contractor Accountants, we can tell you that.

The reason? Because this accountant went on to steal £600,000 of Mr Arthur’s hard earned cash. He took it directly from “Raff Music LTD” and put it directly into his pocket.

As you can imagine, the X Factor star soon noticed that £600,000 quid was missing from his bank accountant, and it wasn’t long before he pointed his finger directly at the accountant.

So tax fraud was the name of the game here and in no time at all the accused accountant was in court and facing a judge.

He pleaded guilty and is now awaiting his sentence.

If you do the crime then you must do the time, is our motto here at Contractor Accountants. Our vote is for this X Factor accountant to spend a bit of time behind bars so he can learn his lesson.

And for James Arthur? Look to the right of the page right now and find legitimate accountants you can trust.

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Tax Bill Payment…DECLINED!

Its that time of year again. The end of the year. A time for giving, sharing, and paying…the HMRC what you owe.

The HMRC don’t care if you have “spent up” on Christmas presents and Santa Costumes. They want paying, and they want paying very soon.

Bizarrely, they recently sent out a letter to the UK 5 million self employed and gave everyone some outdated information about how to pay their tax bill.

One of the options to pay is by Credit Card, they said.

We say…WRONG!

Another option is to pay at the Post Office, over the counter, they said.

We say…WRONG!

This information is just wrong, wrong, wrong. It couldn’t get anymore wrong. Although its you, the innocent contractor, freelancer, gig worker or self employed business person who is going to suffer.

For example, if you leave your tax bill payment to the last minute and then to decide to whip out your credit card. Guess what? You will be met with a DECLINED alarm.

Another example: You go for a walk down to your local post office with a carrier bag of cash and try to pay your tax bill over the counter. Guess what? The post office manager is going to laugh in your face and then laugh you out of the door.

“I will just take a first class stamp then,” you will say…followed by “HOW MUCH?”

Back to tax bill payment options and using your credit card was was withdrawn by HMRC in January of 2018, while taking away the Post Office as an option was removed in December of 2017.

So why are HMRC still sending out the wrong information? According to them, they are in the middle of changing print suppliers and wanted to save costs. However, this has led to a right old mix up which could leave thousands of contractors with a late payment fee.

My advice on this saga? Don’t deal with HMRC directly and never attempt to pay your tax bill on your own.

Instead, you should hire a contractor accountant to do it all for you. All you have to do is pay them a small fee every month and you never even see your tax return or tax bill.

These expert contractor accountants know that credit cards and post office branches are out. You won’t ever get caught with your pants down while a contractor accountant is behind you.

While the HMRC have been sending out the wrong information, it must be noted they are now attempting to rectify the situation by sending out additional leaflets with the CORRECT information.

Then, once they have changed print suppliers we should never see this mistake again.

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ALERT: New HMRC Scam Targets Uni Students

It seems these fake HMRC scammers (phishers) don’t give up. They keep reeling in victims, and this time its Uni Students who are the target.

Up and down the country, there are millions of uni students who are packing a bag and going home for the holidays. A break from the endless study, no doubt. A chance to kick back, relax, and have a few alcoholic drinks. A chance to relax.

In the midst of this is a simple letter. It looks official. There is the initials “HMRC” on the envelope. The Uni students opens it right up, and they quickly see the words…

“You Are Due a Tax Refund!”

That is like poetry to the eyes a uni student. They have been struggling financially all year long and now a chance to get a few thousand quid in their bank account.

So they don’t even question it.

“It’s official. It’s from HMRC,” they say.

Unfortunately, it is anything but official. It is very unofficial and downright wrong.

Yes it is the handy work of those fraudsters yet again. Regular readers of the Contractor Accountant Blog will be well aware of them by now.

What they are doing is sending out fake tax refund letters to uni students around the country, and then using this bait to get personal details, bank details, and to steal money.

The thing is…these fake HMRC are very clever in the way they setup the scam. It’s the small details that make all the difference.

For example, they use what appear to be genuine university email addresses to send out emails as a follow up to the letter, and they also send out texts to phones as a reminder. Everything looks totally legitimate.

And of course, the uni student is in the middle of getting ready to go back home for the holidays, so its easy to get caught up in the scam without giving it too much thought.

However, Christmas is not going to come early for any uni student that falls for the scam, and instead, they are going to become yet another victim to these scammers.

Here at CA we realise that many of these uni students are the future foundation of our contractor economy.

They are the future readers of the Contractor Accountant Blog, and the future customers of our recommended contractor accountants.

So if you are reading this…uni student…then our advice is hire a contractor accountant and let them deal with the HMRC and anything tax related. Our expert contractor accountants can spot a scam a mile off. You are safe with them.

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34.6% Towards TAX!

Here in the UK we pay more tax than just about anywhere else. Wouldn’t you agree? It doesn’t get any better either, according to a new report.

A new report tells us that 34.6% of national output is going towards some form of tax. In other words, you are being hit in the pocket, again and again, year after year.

Especially contractors and freelancers. You are being made to pay more tax than just about anybody. And it isn’t going to get any easier, either.

A certain Mr Philip Hammond, the Chancellor of our country has only just begun when it comes to the subject of tax. He has his sights firmly locked on the contractors and freelancers of this country, and he wants more of your dough.

Does he want that dough to make a nice big pizza? Yes he does, but he doesn’t want to share any of that pizza. He wants it all to himself. He won’t even give you a bite.

The brand new report was commissioned by the Taxpayers Alliance, and what they found is that our tax burden is at its highest for 50 years.

Yes you read that right. Not since the swinging sixties have we had such burden. You would have thought by now we would be paying less tax, not more of it. But we are. They had it better in the seventies, eighties, nineties, and noughties, and here we are, right now, where the tax situation is worse than ever before.

Just what can be done to shove it to the likes of Hammond and his gang? Oh I don’t know…how about hiring a contractor accountant for starters.

If you are a contractor or freelancer and you are fed up with spending most of your money on tax then a contractor accountant is your perfect match.

They laugh at 34.6% tax.

“Ha Ha,” said the contractor accountant.

“I have to pay it,” you say.

“Not if you do exactly what I say, and with your permission, you now choose to pay less,” they will reply.

“Isn’t that kind of thing against the law?” you say.

“No it isn’t, there are many ways you can choose to legally pay less tax, we know all about them and with your permission we would like you to choose us to do it for you.”

You can find these knowledgable and trustworthy contractor accountants at this website. Simply look to the right of the page right now and see who we recommend.

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You Kante Be Serious?

Tax is a subject we talk a lot about on this blog. Tax, tax, tax…and more tax…we just can’t shut up about it.

You will have heard us talk about big companies such as Amazon and Apple, who pay virtually NO tax here on British shores.

You will have also heard us talk about big name football stars such as Ronaldo and Messi who tried to get away from their tax duties by setting up offshore accounts.

That’s why it comes as a surprise when we have just heard about Premiership football star N’Golo Kante. The famous Chelsea player who has just signed a new £290,000 a week deal with the Blues.

Not bad money if you can get it…but get this…Kante has made it clear that he will pay HMRC every single penny they are owed.

In other words, he won’t be trying to send his money away in some kind of offshore bank account and he won’t get involved in some kind of dodgy film finance scheme (Sorry Rooney).

Now, Kante will pocket a cool 15 million from his new deal with Chelsea, which means the tax man or woman will come knocking for around £6.7 million in tax.

Here is the interesting part. This means our man Kante will pay MORE tax than Amazon.

That’s right. You heard it here first.

Last year Amazon only paid £1.7 million pounds to HMRC, despite the fact they rake in billions all around this country of ours.

Many pundits have hit out at the online shopping giant, but so far, nothing has been done to find out exactly why their contribution to HMRC is so low.

On the other hand, N’Golo Kante is only making 15 million, but he has no problems paying his due and writing out a cheque payable to “HMRC.”

“6.7 million pounds only” – he will write on that cheque, and then, with a first class stamp on the front of the envelope he will pop it in the postbox at the top of his street.

“Back of the net!” he may even say, as he pops it in.

But is Kante going to be scoring an own goal? In the opinion of us here at Contractor Accountants…maybe.

Why? Because although his intention is no doubt a noble one, we think he should at least try to save a bit of that £6.7 million tax bill.

Not much, just a bit.

The good news is that Kante doesn’t have to do anything dodgy. Everything will be completely above board.

All he has to do is hire a contractor accountant. They might be able to bring his tax bill down to £4.7 million at a guess. A saving of 2 million pounds…at a guess.

Everything legal. Everything down the straight and narrow.

Kante still gets to do the right thing and pay into the system, but at the same time he saves a bit of money. For that…we would salute him.

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BEWARE of Trainee Accountants

Every accountant has to start somewhere To learn the trade and the tricks of the trade, so that some day, they can be called…

A contractor accountant! The best of the best!!

That is what every trainee accountant dreams about. It is the goal they imagine every night before bed and every morning before going in the shower.

“I will become a contractor accountant,” they say, over and over again.

However, there are some trainee accountants who don’t want to become part of the elite. They are not interested in being one of the top dogs who contractors throw money at.

Instead, they would prefer to use their naivety as a spring board to commit..

Daylight Robbery!

This comes on the back of a story about a trainee accountant who used his position to steal £30,952 in VAT.

He didn’t have to rob a bank or snatch a handbag. He didn’t even have to do anything fancy.

All he did was create fake invoices and then, BOOM, he started getting cash directly into his bank account.

Sneaky but clever, but totally illegal and against the law. The kind of underhand tactics a cunning trainee accountant would use again and again, no doubt, if they could get away scott free.

Fortunately the HMRC are wise to this kind of thing. They watch everything, and are ready to pounce as soon as they have enough evidence to convict.

Those 12 fake invoices created by the trainee accountant put HMRC on high alert, and it wasn’t long before they sent in the cops.

A spokesperson for HMRC had this to say – “Edmonson abused his financial knowledge, his employer’s trust and the public purse. He cooked up a batch of fake invoices to steal from the taxpayer, and now has a criminal records to show for his greed.”

So the rogue trainee accountant had his day in court and the punishment? 12 months in the slammer for VAT offences and a further 8 months for money laundering. All at her Majesty’s pleasure.

Or is it? Reports have just come in that his sentence has been suspended for 18 months, and in the meantime he will have to do 200 hours of community service.

If he keeps his nose clean then he won’t have to spend a single night behind bars.

While I do believe in giving this trainee accountant a second chance, I also think he should have to spend at least a few months in a UK prison.

Maybe some hard labour would do him the world of good and he would never think about committing fraud ever gain.

He would then become trustworthy. Someone you could put your trust in.

Just like our contractor accountants. Everything above board. Accountants you can rely on. The best of the best!!

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