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Yet More ‘Footballer in Tax Scandal’ News

Another year, another case of footballers and their tax affairs coming to the fore. This time, it appears to be a group of former professional footballers who are suing wealth management company St James’s Place for what they claim to be poor financial advice given to them by the company.

The group of 14 ex-professional footballers, including Ireland professional-turned-pundit Andy Townsend, claim that they were given poor advice by SJP and were advised to invest in the now highly controversial Film Partnership Schemes. HMRC now view these investments as a tax avoidance move and are cracking down on those who invested in them. The group of footballers are looking to sue SJP for around £15million.

SJP, by reply, say the claim is ‘without merit’ as many of the investments were made through a Sipp which was administered by a third party and that the statute of limitations meant that the claim was expired.

This is just one of many claims by former footballers for similar cases, including cases made by Steven Gerrard and Andy Cole. 

There is something of a ‘six of one, half a dozen of the other’ issue here. Anyone making investments should do their own due diligence to know what it is that they are getting in to, however, not all of us have the financial acumen to do much more than hazard a best guess, based on the actions and advice of our peers and professionals around us. If the experts who we hire to help us manage our financial affairs can’t be trusted to be giving us good advice, it doesn’t leave anyone looking good. 

Thankfully, our list of trusted accountants for contractors held here means you can choose the best possible contract accountant for your business from a very large pool.  But, be sure to do your own due diligence, ask the right questions of them and realise that this has to be a relationship built on mutual trust. If something doesn’t feel right, be sure to ask questions and ensure you’ve done your own due diligence when it comes to limiting your own tax liabilities. If in doubt, check with HMRC. Tax isn’t something to be messed with and ultimately, the buck stops with you. 

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AVOID This Tax Return Guide

Here at ContractorAccountants we are looking out for you. We are in your corner and on your side. You can count on us.

The same can’t be said about a certain high street shop called WHSmith. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Maybe you’ve even gone in and purchased something?

If you go in WHSmith on a regular basis then take our advice and STAY AWAY from their books, especially the books in the “tax advice” section.

The reason? Because it has just come to our attention that WHSmith have been selling a tax return guide book in their store…with information from the 2014-2015 tax year.

Yes you read that right. This tax book was being read by contractors and freelancers all around the country, even though the information they were getting was a few years out of date.

Not only that, but it is thought the book had been a “bestseller,” which means there could be thousands of contractors and freelancers with outdated information in their hands.

Know this: The tax rules imposed by HMRC change on a year to year basis and it is essential you get the very best information which is bang up-to-date.

If you ask us…this is the exact reason why you should STAY AWAY from tax return guides or tax books in shops such as WHSmith.

These books are like newspapers. Headline news one day, and fish and chip wrappers the next.

So where should your tax information from? In our opinion, the only source you should trust is the words coming directly from the mouth of a trusted accountant.

Not just any old accountant either. If you are a contractor and you want the most fresh and up-to-date tax return guides, information, and advice…then you need to speak directly with a contractor accountant.

Fortunately, we have a handful of very trusted contractor accountants right here on our site. We recommend them highly. They have our seal of approval.

Even better, you can visit their website and then get their phone number, and give them a quick call on the dog and bone.

I guarantee you will get more information (that is right up-to-date) from speaking with a contractor accountant for 10 minutes than you would reading a book from WHSmith for 5 hours.

As you can imagine, the price of hiring a contractor accountant is more than the price of a book, but then I’m sure you will agree you get what you pay for.

Buy a cheap book from WHSmith and get out of date information that could land you in trouble with HMRC.

Hire a contractor accountant and right up to date information that keeps you on the good side of HMRC and can even save you money on tax legally.

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Accountant Stole £295,000…Pays Back Just £1

It seems some accountants in the UK are out of control. “Drunk on power,” is what some pundits are saying and we don’t disagree with them.

Here at Contractor Accountants we are now extra cautious about who we allow into our inner circle of excellence. Most of the top rated accountants you see at the right hand side of the page have been with us for years and have earned our trust, time and time again.

So onwards to the story…about an accountant from Maidstone who thought he could get away with stealing £295,000 from the company he was working for.

Not only that, but he instantly took £150,000 of that money and went on a Wet and Wild spending spree. The kind of rampage usually reserved the rich, famous, and out of control.

This accountant from Maidstone was not rich and he was not famous…but he was out of control. Way out of control!

To the point where all of the stolen cash went on a champagne and cocaine binge. He topped it all of with the company of 10 escort girls.

Some witnesses have reported this happened over the course of a few weeks. It must have been tiring, no doubt.

So this accountant from Maidstone was young, dumb, and full of champagne and cocaine, so as you can imagine, it didn’t take long for him to get caught red handed, with his hand in the honey pot, so to speak.

The rogue accountant had his day in court and was sentenced to 2 and half years in prison where there is no champagne or cocaine. Instead, he should get used to oats and rice in the prison cafeteria

Because he still lived with his parents and had no assets, the judge decided that trying to get the money back would be a waste. Which is why, he only has to pay back…

£1 !!

Yes you read that right. After stealing nearly £300,000 quid, the only cash he has to give back is 100 pence.

While he seems to have got off lightly right now, it is thought the State could tap into some of his future earnings should he ever join the workforce again.

Maybe he might give accounting a second go? If so, the one place you can be sure you WON’T find him is here at Contractor Accountants.

Sure, we do believe in second chances and we hope he learns his lesson and comes back as a model citizen…BUT we are super strict about who we let into our inner circle of trusted contractor accountants, and if you have any kind of criminal record then you have no chance of being called…

One of the best contractor accountants in the UK.

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HMRC To Erase Your Voice?

Before you even get to say hello you hear a “click”. What is that you wonder? Am I being recorded without my knowledge, perhaps?

Then the friendly HMRC customer service assistant answers the phone and says “hello sir, how may I be of assistance to you today?” And with those words you forget all about the “click” and just get on with your business.

But that “click” never really goes away, and everytime you phone up the HMRC hotline you hear the same, familiar…”click.”

It turns out HMRC have recorded the voice of 5 million taxpayers…without explicit consent from a single person.

“Click” – record voice – “Click” end recording of voice.

5 million times…again and again.

What happened here is HMRC automatically signed people up to a voice ID system, but many campaigners see this as them breaking the privacy laws.

Some campaigners have described the incident as “biometric ID cards by the back door,” while the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) said it was a “significant breach of data laws.”

I seem to remember similar things happening with airlines recently…in America, who are tapping into the FBI database to automatically check in passengers with the scan of an eye.

Just one “Scan” and you are checked in. But many passengers didn’t consent to their data being shared.

Back to HMRC and they are fighting back against ICO and the campaigners, with the CEO of HMRC himself, Sir John Thompson having this to say…

“I am satisfied that HMRC should continue to use voice ID. It is popular with our customers, is a more secure way of protecting customer data, and enables us to get callers through to an adviser faster.” he said.

The Contractor Accountants (CA) verdict on this saga? In our opinion although there is probably a lot of breaching and breaking going on right now, in regards to your privacy, perhaps this is just a new era of doing things?

If you want to get through to a HMRC advisor quickly and efficiently then maybe having your voice stored on a database isn’t such a bad thing, and having to give your consent to every thing, all the time, is just plain madness.

Kind of like those annoying website popups where you constantly must “agree to proceed” and that type of thing.

I don’t know. While storing information without your direct consent could be an issue, I just think that having to give your permission all the time is a real drag.

What I do know is that if you are looking for the best contractor accountants in the UK then you have found us. Just look to the right hand side of the webpage…NOW.

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The 15 Year Old Contractor Accountant

It seems contractor accountants are getting younger and younger. Gone are the days of a suit and tie…say hello to the school uniform.

A 15 year old lad called Ranveer Singh Sandu from Croydon in South London has already started his own accountancy firm.

Right now, as we speak, he has 10 paying clients on his books, and within 10 years he aims to be a millionaire!

There is certainly a strong demand for contractor accountants who know what they are doing – here at Contractor Accountants DOT COM, we can vouch for that – and if Ranveer plays his cards right them I’m sure he will be well on his way to a 7 figure income in no time at all.

He might even become one of the trusted contractor accountants recommended by us here at CA. Although he has a few more years until he becomes that good.

All of the best contractor accountants (found on the right hand side of the page) have many years of experience under their belt and are put through their paces by our demanding team. Once they jump through our hoops then they earn the right to be called…

A Contractor Accountant Certified “Contractor Accountant!”

At the moment 15 year old Ranveer is still juggling his schoolwork with his accountancy work, although I’m sure once he gets school out the way and focuses 100% on his customers then things will really start to take off for the lad.

Right now he charges between £12 and £15 an hour for his services. And to date, he has pocketed a cool £3000 from his clients.

Hey that’s pretty good if you ask us. He is making a bit more than the paper boy or girl, you can be sure of that.

“I have always known what I wanted to do – I decided when I wanted to be an accountant was when I was 12 years old. It isn’t that hard juggling school and my business, I haven’t had that much stress.” – said Ranveer when asked for a comment.

Here at Contractor Accountant we would like to raise our glasses to the 15 year old accountant and wish him the best of luck. Maybe one day he can become “Contractor Accountant Certified,” and even…

A millionaire contractor accountant!!

For now though, his main focus should be on passing those GCSE’s.

And your main focus? You, the contractor who wants to save money on tax and get your books in order without any hassle from the tax man or woman? Your main focus should be to hire a contractor accountant right here at this website.

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“Ready, Steady, Go!” – MTD is Live

On April 1st HMRC made MTD (Making Tax Digital) Live. This wasn’t an April Fools joke, it was finally here, and contractors couldn’t believe it.

It seems like MTD has been talked about for years. Almost like a myth or a legend, and contractors wondered if it would ever see the light of day.

Well, at the time of writing it is now 11:18am on 2nd April 2019, and here at Contractor Accountants we can confirm that MTD is Live.

That means if you are a VAT registered business in the UK and you make over £85,000 a year, then you MUST be registered for MTD.

“Don’t delay…do it today,” is our advice.

There are 1.2million businesses in the UK who are now subjected to MTD, and over the next few years it is expected everyone will have to call themselves a MTD contractor, freelancer, gig worker, or business owner.

In other words, if you are a contractor then you should get your making tax digital affairs in order and make sure you are legal.

The best way to do this is by hiring a contractor accountant and letting them setup your MTD account. They will do it on your behalf and without you having to lift a finger.

Our very own contractor accountants are experts in all things MTD. These are the best contractor accountants in the UK, and you can find them right here on this very website. Take a look and you will find them.

Back to the MTD launch and it is estimated that 100,000 businesses are already signed up to the MTD platform, with a further 4000 businesses a day joining.

Over the next 12 months HMRC will be giving businesses a gentle nudge to get them signed up and then a nudge will turn into a light slap.

Eventually it will be against the law to NOT be signed up for MTD…but for now HMRC are taking the soft approach.

Make no mistake about it. You will be prosecuted by HMRC if you don’t sign up and become Making Tax Digital Registered. Not now, but eventually…yes.

Not all contractors are in in favour of MTD, and if you remember, there was a lot of debate on the subject right here on the CA blog many moons ago.

A lot of our faithful readers wrote in and “Raged Against MTD,” calling it “ludicrus” and “a waste of space.”

Many others thought it was going to be a “major hassle,” and to “cost them more money.”

Eventually, some contractors started to warm to the idea of MTD. Let’s wait to see what happens, shall we.

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£400,000 VAT Scam = 5.5 Years for Accountant

A good accountant is as trustworthy as Santa Claus. You get a visit from them once a year and they give you gifts.

The gift of saving money on your tax bill is all most contractors want for Christmas, and with our trustworthy and respected contractor accountants you can do just that.

It does sadden us to hear that not all accountants play by the rules and by the book. Some are even downright dishonest and will steal money like they are taking candy from a baby.

Just like one rogue accountant in Birmingham, who was recently sentenced to 5 and half years for a VAT Scam.

This accountant cooked the books and setup 100 fraudulent repayments which then sent £400,000 directly into his bank accountant.

He was literally laughing all the way to the bank, until HMRC cottoned on to the scam and swiftly pounced into action.

What they found is this scammer accountant had hijacked businesses and then stole money. No-one is safe from these criminals it seems, unless you have a contractor accountant on your side.

Our contractor accountants keep a watchful eye on your business, like a hawk, and they will stop any hijacker before they even get to your gates.

Hiring a contractor accountant is like building a fortress around your property. No intruder can get in. You are 100% safe.

Back to the story and HMRC found this rogue accountant used the stolen money to fund a lavish lifestyle filled with fast cars, expensive holidays and a house.

Him and his wife travelled the world on innocent people’s dimes…going to places such as Las Vegas, Dubai, India and Mexico. The life of riley, no doubt.

But it all came to end when HMRC took him to court and a judge slammed down the hammer and announced “5 and half years” to a shocked courtroom.

The judge went on to rub salt in the wounds by describing the accountant as “thoroughly dishonest” and “a conman,” before leading him off in handcuffs to serve the time for doing the crime.

I think the moral of this story is quite simple – You MUST hire a contractor accountant to protect your business and make sure everything is done right.

Not only will you get peace of mind from knowing there is no-one scamming you, but you also get the benefit of paying less tax (legally) which is what all contractor accountants are trained to do for you.

Check out the best contractor accountants in the UK at the right hand side of the page.

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60% of IT Contractors Are Stressed

The IT contracting world is a real happening place to be. Jobs are plentiful and the pay packets are more than generous.

You would think IT contractors would be jumping around for joy and lining their pockets, but in fact, the exact opposite is true.

According to a new survey there is 60% of IT contractors in the UK who are stressed out and fed up. So much so, that almost 20% are considering leaving the industry behind altogether and never going back.

35% of those surveyed said that they have become more stressed over the last 12 months, which might give us a clue to exactly what is going on here.

Perhaps the tide is turning in the IT contracting industry and the good times are coming to end? Competition could becoming more fierce and the wages might be dropping a bit?

Who knows exactly, but what I hear from my contractor accountant buddies is that times have never been better.

According to them, they have many IT contractors on their books who are raking in the cash and want to (legally) pay the least amount of tax possible.

Sure, these IT contractors want to pay their tax and contribute towards society, but they don’t want to get ripped off and they don’t want to get taken for a ride.

Not when you have these 7 figure playboys swanning around in Monaco and paying no tax at all, while your average IT contractor is stuck here.

So that is why they hire a contractor accountant to fight their corner and to make sure they pay the right amount of tax. No more, no less.

Back to the survey, and 51% of those stressed out IT contractors did admit that their earnings do offer some kind of compensation for the stress they feel.

In other words, they might not be enjoying their job, but when they can afford a brand new sportscar, a brand new Rolex, or a holiday to the Bahamas…then it goes some way to relieving that stress.

Kind of like of pressure cooker which has been building up steam…and building up and building…and then building up some more…and a bit more…and then…

“Woosh!” All of that steam is released and the stress is released.

The survey goes on to tell us that an average IT contractor works for 44 hours per week, which is above the national average of 37.1 hours.

It is App and Web Software contractors who put in the most hours, followed closely by hosting professionals and IT customer service professionals.

The good news is more and more IT contractors are working remotely, which means they can work from home and put their feet up a bit more.

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700,000 Missed Tax Return Deadline

Here at Contractor Accountants we have talked about the tax return deadline a lot. “Get your tax return in by 31st January,” we said.

Despite our constant nagging, it seems there are many of you out there who are not listening.

You see…the 31st January has now passed, and according to HMRC there were 700,000 who didn’t get their tax return in on time.

I’m sure many of those 700,000 are contactors, and I’m even more sure that many of those contractors read our blog on our weekly basis.

If you are one of the 700,000 then what gives, man? You’ve read our blog post on “ridiculous tax return excuses” and you’ve heard us warn you about the “£100 fine” for a late tax return.

Maybe you just can’t be bothered to do it yourself? That’s cool, dude. We get it. And that is why we recommend you hire a contractor accountant to do it all for you.

The bad news is there is nothing you can do about the £100 now. That ship has sailed and there is no getting onboard. You will just have to grin and bear it and write out a cheque.

The good news is that you can still hire a contractor accountant to do your tax return. Even though you are nearly 1 week late there are our trusty contractor accountants waiting on standby to start doing your books and filling in those forms.

Sure, some of our trusted and recommended accountants are off on their holidays and sunning themselves in the Bahamas Their busy season is now officially over and they are drinking pina coladas as we speak.

On the other hand, some accountants have stopped behind in the UK to deal with the “late filers.” They have their suitcase packed, you can bet on that…but they are not taking off just yet, which means you have a short window of opportunity to get your tax return sorted out once and for all.

Hurry though, because once all of the contractor accountants are sitting on the beach then you won’t be able to find one for love or money.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though. Despite 700,000 of you missing the deadline, according to HMRC there was 93% of tax payers who DID get their tax return in on time.

A spokesperson for HMRC said this was their best result ever, and in their opinion, it had a lot to do with 2 quacking ducks.

Apparently their advertising featured 2 ducks quacking “tax.”

“Genius,” is all we can say here at Contractor Accountants.

Maybe next year they could hire Donald Duck?

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Bizarre Late Tax Return Excuses (2019 Edition)

It’s that time of the year again. A time for sending in your tax return by the 31st January..or making up an excuse why you can’t.

Here at Contractor Accountants it has become a yearly ritual to list the best (or worst) excuses for missing the tax return deadline.

Some of these reasons are just downright bizarre if you ask us, but that didn’t stop people from trying it on with HMRC.

Coming in at number 1 (in our opinion) is the guy who was “too short to reach the post box.”

This means he couldn’t post his tax return, which in turn means he missed the deadline. I guess finding someone taller to post it for him was just a step too far?

He should have hired a contractor accountant to get the job done. Research shows that not only are they the best (when it comes to doing tax returns) but they are also above average in height (over 6 ft).

Another self employed person who failed to get their tax return in on time decided to blame the maid(s).

Apparently, the first maid left, and then the second maid stole goods from the house, while the third maid was very slow to learn.

Needless to say this guy was stressed about the situation and didn’t have time to bother about a tax return.

Moral of the story: Pay your maid well and everything will be ok.

How about some other bizarre excuses? Well, there was one woman who couldn’t find her tax return form because she couldn’t find her glasses. It really does make you wonder how she can even find her way down stairs in the morning.

Another guy had the unfortunate luck of no heating in his home due to a broken boiler. Guess what? His house became so cold his fingers were too cold to type, so no tax return was filled in.

What he should have done is hired a contractor accountant to do the tax return for him. The last time I checked, all of our recommended contractor accountants have the heating up full blast at this time of the year, which means warm hands around the clock.

Those warm hands are also “expert hands” who have years of experience of getting your tax return in on time. You don’t have to do anything, just leave it to a contractor accountant.

As you might have guessed by now…all of these excuses were firmly rejected by HMRC, which means all of the above contractors, freelancers and self employed people were hit with a fine for submitting their tax return late.

A fine of £100 to be exact, and if you still don’t send it in? Then expect more fines until you do.

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Turkey + Tax Return = A Contractor Christmas

Most people are happy with just turkey on Christmas day. A chance to eat as much as they can and spend time with family.

Contractors, on the other hand, are a different breed. Sure, they sit down to turkey and mash potato just like regular people but that is where the parallels stop.

While ordinary folk spend most of Christmas and New Year eating turkey, the vast majority of contractors are hard at work making sure their tax affairs are in order.

For example, according to official statistics from HMRC there was 2,616 online self assessments filed on Christmas day, and I’m willing to bet you a large portion of these people were contractors.

It is you, the hard working contractor who always wants to make sure the HMRC is paid in full and on time, and if that means doing your tax return immediately after a turkey dinner and before Christmas pudding…then so be it.

During the peak time of turkey eating (1pm to 2pm) on Christmas Day there was 230 online tax returns sent in. This means some contractors are skipping the turkey and trimmings altogether, and getting straight down to work just like it is any other day.

These contractors probably have no time for presents, and no time for the Queens speech. Do they even know its Christmas? Probably not.

But they get the job done, and by sending in their tax return at Christmas they make sure everything is sorted way before the 31st January deadline.

Boxing day was just as popular for sending in those self assessment forms to HMRC. According to official statistics, a total of 8,465 people connected to the internet and did their tax return, and of course, many of those thousands would have been contractors.

If you are reading this now and you have not done your tax return yet, then don’t fret, because there is still time and you are not late to the party…yet.

However, if you leave it much longer then you will be late. In fact, you will be just like the guy who arrives in fancy dress to a party that isn’t fancy dress. If you see what I mean.

The 31st of January is this years deadline for self assessment and if you didn’t get it sorted over Christmas then my advice is to do it now.

And if you can’t be bothered to do it? Then hire a contractor accountant.

If you pay them enough money then they will do everything for you, including sending in your tax return.

Find the best contractor accountants, right now, by looking to the right hand side of the page.

Make sure you hurry though, because the demand for the top contractor accountants is crazy at this time of year (as you can imagine) and there is only a limited amount of spaces on their books. So you must act now.

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ALERT: New HMRC Scam Targets Uni Students

It seems these fake HMRC scammers (phishers) don’t give up. They keep reeling in victims, and this time its Uni Students who are the target.

Up and down the country, there are millions of uni students who are packing a bag and going home for the holidays. A break from the endless study, no doubt. A chance to kick back, relax, and have a few alcoholic drinks. A chance to relax.

In the midst of this is a simple letter. It looks official. There is the initials “HMRC” on the envelope. The Uni students opens it right up, and they quickly see the words…

“You Are Due a Tax Refund!”

That is like poetry to the eyes a uni student. They have been struggling financially all year long and now a chance to get a few thousand quid in their bank account.

So they don’t even question it.

“It’s official. It’s from HMRC,” they say.

Unfortunately, it is anything but official. It is very unofficial and downright wrong.

Yes it is the handy work of those fraudsters yet again. Regular readers of the Contractor Accountant Blog will be well aware of them by now.

What they are doing is sending out fake tax refund letters to uni students around the country, and then using this bait to get personal details, bank details, and to steal money.

The thing is…these fake HMRC are very clever in the way they setup the scam. It’s the small details that make all the difference.

For example, they use what appear to be genuine university email addresses to send out emails as a follow up to the letter, and they also send out texts to phones as a reminder. Everything looks totally legitimate.

And of course, the uni student is in the middle of getting ready to go back home for the holidays, so its easy to get caught up in the scam without giving it too much thought.

However, Christmas is not going to come early for any uni student that falls for the scam, and instead, they are going to become yet another victim to these scammers.

Here at CA we realise that many of these uni students are the future foundation of our contractor economy.

They are the future readers of the Contractor Accountant Blog, and the future customers of our recommended contractor accountants.

So if you are reading this…uni student…then our advice is hire a contractor accountant and let them deal with the HMRC and anything tax related. Our expert contractor accountants can spot a scam a mile off. You are safe with them.

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A Right Royal Tax Mess

If your average contractor has to pay tax, then so should the Duchess of Sussex…And she does…directly to HMRC.

We are talking about Meghan Markle of course. The American woman who married into the Royal Family and became a Duchess.

But is her fairytale wedding about to turn into a Royal nightmare? Indeed it might.

You see, despite raking in the cash over here on British shores, Meghan is still an American Citizen, which means she might have to kick up cash to Uncle Sam to avoid the FBI knocking on her front door.

Some pundits are even suggesting that her husband, our very own Prince Harry, might even have to hand over a slice of his fortune to the USA tax people.

The reason? Because now they are husband and wife, a joint bank account is no doubt firmly in place, with both of their names on the chequebook.

They joined together at the altar…and joined their incomes together…before joining their bank accounts…but now…they might just have to pay…

Joint Tax!!

40% of their income to HMRC and 40% of their income to Uncle Sam = only 20% left for holidays and shopping trips. Not good.

Harry and Meghan. No. Excuse me…Prince and Duchess…

If you reading this blog post then please allow me to make a suggestion, your highness.

If you are getting hit in the pocket on both sides of the Atlantic then how about hiring a contractor accountant? Stay with me on this one.

The best contractor accountants can legally save you money on tax. How much? How about 20%. Some people are saving even more. And its all legal. Completely straight and narrow.

These contractor accountants are treated just like Royalty in the accounting world, and for good reason…because if they can save you, or anybody, 20% on their tax bill then they really are the Kings and Queens.

They might even be able to sort out that Royal tax mess on the other side of the pond. We can’t guarantee it. You will have to speak with one of the trusted contractor accountants we recommend to find out.

“Just give them a call,” is what we say. They will take calls from contractors, freelancers, self employed gig workers…and yes, even the Prince and Duchess.

You might even want to let your Dad know about these “accountants with the magic touch.” No, they are not court jesters. So please don’t treat them like that.

If you look to the right hand side of the page…right now…then you will find the very best contractor accountants. Fit for a King, or Prince, or Duchess.

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BEWARE of Trainee Accountants

Every accountant has to start somewhere To learn the trade and the tricks of the trade, so that some day, they can be called…

A contractor accountant! The best of the best!!

That is what every trainee accountant dreams about. It is the goal they imagine every night before bed and every morning before going in the shower.

“I will become a contractor accountant,” they say, over and over again.

However, there are some trainee accountants who don’t want to become part of the elite. They are not interested in being one of the top dogs who contractors throw money at.

Instead, they would prefer to use their naivety as a spring board to commit..

Daylight Robbery!

This comes on the back of a story about a trainee accountant who used his position to steal £30,952 in VAT.

He didn’t have to rob a bank or snatch a handbag. He didn’t even have to do anything fancy.

All he did was create fake invoices and then, BOOM, he started getting cash directly into his bank account.

Sneaky but clever, but totally illegal and against the law. The kind of underhand tactics a cunning trainee accountant would use again and again, no doubt, if they could get away scott free.

Fortunately the HMRC are wise to this kind of thing. They watch everything, and are ready to pounce as soon as they have enough evidence to convict.

Those 12 fake invoices created by the trainee accountant put HMRC on high alert, and it wasn’t long before they sent in the cops.

A spokesperson for HMRC had this to say – “Edmonson abused his financial knowledge, his employer’s trust and the public purse. He cooked up a batch of fake invoices to steal from the taxpayer, and now has a criminal records to show for his greed.”

So the rogue trainee accountant had his day in court and the punishment? 12 months in the slammer for VAT offences and a further 8 months for money laundering. All at her Majesty’s pleasure.

Or is it? Reports have just come in that his sentence has been suspended for 18 months, and in the meantime he will have to do 200 hours of community service.

If he keeps his nose clean then he won’t have to spend a single night behind bars.

While I do believe in giving this trainee accountant a second chance, I also think he should have to spend at least a few months in a UK prison.

Maybe some hard labour would do him the world of good and he would never think about committing fraud ever gain.

He would then become trustworthy. Someone you could put your trust in.

Just like our contractor accountants. Everything above board. Accountants you can rely on. The best of the best!!

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