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Accountancy Lacks Diversity, Who Knew?

The accountancy sector has been going through a tough time of late. Under the spotlight for auditing issues, IR35 a topic on everyone’s tongues, and now, it’s a matter of diversity. And we don’t mean that dance crew. 

For the large accountancy firms, it seems, are dominated by white men in the senior roles, pushing women and those of ethnic minorities down the ranks and into either client-side roles or within smaller businesses, such as our good friends here at Contractor Accountants.

The UK accounting regulator, the Financial Reporting Council, has accused the industry of significantly lagging behind their other-industry counterparts. In fact, women and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicities (BAME), make up just 17% of partners at accounting firms, compared with 30% in other FTSE 100 companies. 

Meanwhile, smaller accountancy firms were doing a better job of promoting women, with over 50% of managers being female at companies with less that 200 employees, but still there were only a disappointing 11% who made it to partner level.

The pay gap is still problematic too, with the big four firms reporting a gender pay gap of anything from 28% (KPMG) to a slightly less poor Deloitte’s, with a 14% gap. In this day and age, we are beyond incredulous that this is still allowed to happen, yet happen it does. 

While women have it bad, it’s an even bleaker picture if you’re BAME and work in the big four accounting firms – EY is the best here, with an appalling 10% BAME members making up the board. That’s the best. While on the flip side, it may be argued that there simply isn’t the volume of BAME applicants to fill the roles, at some point the chicken/egg conundrum has to be challenged to wonder why, in as diverse a society as ours, whether the lack of very senior BAME accountants is due to a lack of people, or a lack of promotion and opportunity.

With all this lack of diversity and the raft of scandals the big accounting firms are currently suffering, it’s little wonder that more and more businesses are turning to the smaller companies, the good guys who keep the SMEs running and aren’t out to overcharge you or only hire the type of people who fit their outdated ideals. 

Do yourself a favour; take a look at our partners here on our website, request a quotethat could literally save you thousands, and find yourself a reputable accounting firm who will ensure the work gets done, without you being bled dry. And be sure to ask for a female account manager, while you’re at it. 

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Accountant Loses 3 Stone WITHOUT Dieting

There is an accountant in Australia who has burned fat and got a six pack…while munching her way through 3000 calories a day!

Danica is her name, and by day she is a hard working accountant who helps her clients balance their books and save money on tax.

Up until recently she had always been on fad diets and starving herself…but it never worked. In fact, she always ended up gaining weight because she would eventually stuff herself with junk food.

Not only that, but Danica would spend hours a week in the gym, doing endless cardio and stupid workout routines. Only to be left depressed, tired, and hungry, and with no results to show for it.

Then she tried something different. Instead of eating less and exercising more, she decided to try…

Eating more and exercising less!!

Yes you read that right. Danica started to eat 6 meals a day of roughly 500 calories a meal. A lot of times she would be hard at work with a contractor or freelancer, balancing their books and keeping them out of trouble with the tax man or woman, and then, she would take a quick 10 minutes to eat meals such as…

meatballs and pasta…chicken and rice curry…turkey mince and sweet potato…vegetable soup with croutons.

She really did enjoy her food. And it didn’t stop there, because she also enjoyed treats such as desserts prepared with fresh fruit and dark chocolate.

She also enjoyed lot’s of freshly prepared vegetables…enough to make her feel full until the next meal.

This natural diet kick started her metabolism, and over the next few weeks she started to see the fat melt away like butter in a saucepan.

Even better, she became smarter with her exercising and workouts…spending less time in the gym than before.

The result? She became a lean, mean, fat burning machine, who lost 3 stone and has toned muscles and six pack abs.

She certainly did “knock out the fat” and she didn’t need a George Foreman grill. In fact, as we would like to point out…”fat is not your enemy, especially healthy fats such as Avocado, Olive Oil, nuts, and sunflower seeds.”

Here at Contractor Accountants we salute Danica for her consistency and hard work, and have no qualms passing on her success story to our trusted accountants who are listed on our site.

I’m sure many of our recommended accountants will embrace this new style of “dieting” and will quickly get abs of steel.

Oh and Danica, if you are reading in the land down under, then give us a call if you ever come for a working holiday in the UK and want to try your hand at being a contractor accountant. We would certainly consider introducing you to some of the top contractor accountant firms in the UK who might have a few job opportunities.

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