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Accountancy Lacks Diversity, Who Knew?

The accountancy sector has been going through a tough time of late. Under the spotlight for auditing issues, IR35 a topic on everyone’s tongues, and now, it’s a matter of diversity. And we don’t mean that dance crew. 

For the large accountancy firms, it seems, are dominated by white men in the senior roles, pushing women and those of ethnic minorities down the ranks and into either client-side roles or within smaller businesses, such as our good friends here at Contractor Accountants.

The UK accounting regulator, the Financial Reporting Council, has accused the industry of significantly lagging behind their other-industry counterparts. In fact, women and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicities (BAME), make up just 17% of partners at accounting firms, compared with 30% in other FTSE 100 companies. 

Meanwhile, smaller accountancy firms were doing a better job of promoting women, with over 50% of managers being female at companies with less that 200 employees, but still there were only a disappointing 11% who made it to partner level.

The pay gap is still problematic too, with the big four firms reporting a gender pay gap of anything from 28% (KPMG) to a slightly less poor Deloitte’s, with a 14% gap. In this day and age, we are beyond incredulous that this is still allowed to happen, yet happen it does. 

While women have it bad, it’s an even bleaker picture if you’re BAME and work in the big four accounting firms – EY is the best here, with an appalling 10% BAME members making up the board. That’s the best. While on the flip side, it may be argued that there simply isn’t the volume of BAME applicants to fill the roles, at some point the chicken/egg conundrum has to be challenged to wonder why, in as diverse a society as ours, whether the lack of very senior BAME accountants is due to a lack of people, or a lack of promotion and opportunity.

With all this lack of diversity and the raft of scandals the big accounting firms are currently suffering, it’s little wonder that more and more businesses are turning to the smaller companies, the good guys who keep the SMEs running and aren’t out to overcharge you or only hire the type of people who fit their outdated ideals. 

Do yourself a favour; take a look at our partners here on our website, request a quotethat could literally save you thousands, and find yourself a reputable accounting firm who will ensure the work gets done, without you being bled dry. And be sure to ask for a female account manager, while you’re at it. 

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“Radical Overhaul” of Tax System is Needed, Say Think Tank

A left wing think tank have described the current tax system as “unfair and outdated.” So should we listen to them or ignore them?

According to them, if we listen to them and do everything they say…then 90 Billion Pounds Sterling will be raised for the Government.

How? They reckon if we start taxing capital gains tax at the same rate as income tax, then everybody at the government will be laughing to the bank and the UK will become richer.

If we do exactly what the Think Tank says, right now, then in 5 years time that 90 Billion Pounds will be a reality. That works out at…

15 Billion Pounds A Year!

With a General Election potentially around the corner then we can expect the subject of tax to be headline news for the coming months.

No doubt parties such as Labour and the Liberal Democrats will be holding hands with this left wing think tank and shouting from the rooftops about “Capital Gains Tax.”

Heck…the Raving Loony Party might even join them as well.

What about you, the hard working and high earning contractor? Should you be hoping for more tax?

If you are a raving loony, then yes.

But if you have any ounce of common sense, then no.

In fact, you should be hoping any future General Election results in you paying less tax. Whether it be income tax or capital gains tax.

But you can’t trust these politicians. We know that for a fact.

They promise and promise. But then leave you looking like an idiot when you are waiting for them to deliver results.

The only person you can trust is yourself. So trust yourself and leave the future of your tax in the hands of a contractor accountant.

Forget about Think Tanks and forget about politicians.

Instead, reach out to a trusted contractor accountant right now.

The ship is sinking. There is no doubt about that. And right now, as we speak…

A Contractor Accountant is handing you a life jacket.

Will you take it?

Do you want to save money on income tax?

Do you want to save money on Capital Gains tax?

If you answered yes and you are nodding your head in agreement then look to the right hand side of the page, right now, where you can find details of our recommended contractor accountants.

AKA…The Best Contractor Accountants in the UK.

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Taxman Out…Fluffy Chick In…

The HMRC advertising team have been working overtime to come up with a new image so they can reach every man and woman in the UK.

Years ago, the image of HMRC was of a “taxman” in a suit and tie, who was faceless and wanted to get his hands on every penny out of your pocket.

This led most self employed people to view HMRC as the enemy, so to speak. They were seen as foe, rather than friend, if you see what we mean.

So HMRC assembled one of the best advertising teams they could. And the result has been a complete transformation. A total 180. They are now seen in a different light.

For example, a recent advertising campaign about the tax credit deadline has just come into the public limelight and millions of people have embraced it.

Many are talking on social media and lot’s of people are noticing it in newspaper and magazines.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then you are in for a treat…because…the advertising is a picture of…

A baby dressed up in a fluffy chick outfit!

“Genius,” is what we have to say here at Contractor Accountants, followed by “HMRC advertising department have done it again!!”

If you remember, it was last year when HMRC came up with an advertisement featuring quacking ducks…that quacked “tax.”

This was to remind all you contractors out there to get your tax return in on time. And guess what? It worked!

That’s right. More people than ever before did their tax return, in full and on time. The advertising obviously did its job and will no doubt go down as a classic piece of advertising that David Ogilvy himself would have been proud of.

Do you know what though? I reckon HMRC can make the duck campaign even better, and more interactive. What they should do is send out a pair of “duck slippers” to every self employed person in this nation of ours, and then guess what? These slippers will “quack” every time you take a step.

So you will be walking around the house and hearing “quack…quack…quack…quack…” And you will NEVER forget to do your tax return again. How could you forget? It would be impossible.

That “quack, quack” sound will also be a reminder to find yourself the best contractor accountant, which you can do right here at Contractor Accountants DOT COM.

Take a look at the right hand side of the page, right now, and you will see the only contractor accountants worth hiring in the UK.

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Accountant Loses 3 Stone WITHOUT Dieting

There is an accountant in Australia who has burned fat and got a six pack…while munching her way through 3000 calories a day!

Danica is her name, and by day she is a hard working accountant who helps her clients balance their books and save money on tax.

Up until recently she had always been on fad diets and starving herself…but it never worked. In fact, she always ended up gaining weight because she would eventually stuff herself with junk food.

Not only that, but Danica would spend hours a week in the gym, doing endless cardio and stupid workout routines. Only to be left depressed, tired, and hungry, and with no results to show for it.

Then she tried something different. Instead of eating less and exercising more, she decided to try…

Eating more and exercising less!!

Yes you read that right. Danica started to eat 6 meals a day of roughly 500 calories a meal. A lot of times she would be hard at work with a contractor or freelancer, balancing their books and keeping them out of trouble with the tax man or woman, and then, she would take a quick 10 minutes to eat meals such as…

meatballs and pasta…chicken and rice curry…turkey mince and sweet potato…vegetable soup with croutons.

She really did enjoy her food. And it didn’t stop there, because she also enjoyed treats such as desserts prepared with fresh fruit and dark chocolate.

She also enjoyed lot’s of freshly prepared vegetables…enough to make her feel full until the next meal.

This natural diet kick started her metabolism, and over the next few weeks she started to see the fat melt away like butter in a saucepan.

Even better, she became smarter with her exercising and workouts…spending less time in the gym than before.

The result? She became a lean, mean, fat burning machine, who lost 3 stone and has toned muscles and six pack abs.

She certainly did “knock out the fat” and she didn’t need a George Foreman grill. In fact, as we would like to point out…”fat is not your enemy, especially healthy fats such as Avocado, Olive Oil, nuts, and sunflower seeds.”

Here at Contractor Accountants we salute Danica for her consistency and hard work, and have no qualms passing on her success story to our trusted accountants who are listed on our site.

I’m sure many of our recommended accountants will embrace this new style of “dieting” and will quickly get abs of steel.

Oh and Danica, if you are reading in the land down under, then give us a call if you ever come for a working holiday in the UK and want to try your hand at being a contractor accountant. We would certainly consider introducing you to some of the top contractor accountant firms in the UK who might have a few job opportunities.

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Income Tax Going DOWN 5p?

If income tax went down 5p, how much would you save? Many contractors would save thousands and be laughing to the bank.

If a guy called Dominic Raab wins the Tory leadership and becomes our next Prime Minister then this is exactly what will happen.

According to him, if he gets the keys to number 10 then he will immediately take action and make sure income tax goes down. To the tune of 1p a year, and in 5 years time that means a whopping 5p.

Many contractors are currently paying a basic tax rate of 20p. But if we are to welcome potential Prime Minister Raab into Downing Street then contractors around the country can break out the party hats and party like its 2019.

Now…I don’t want to point my hosepipe at this bonfire…but if you believe what I have just said then you will believe anything!

I’m sure Dominic Raab will say anything to get his mitts on the keys to Number 10. And once he has the power? He would sell us all down the river just like every other dirty lying politician.

Waiting…and waiting…and still waiting. That is what every contractor around the country would be doing if Dominic Raab becomes Prime Minister. You would be waiting for this “Tax Drop” and it would never happen. I guarantee it.

In fact, I would even predict that he would raise tax just like his buddy “Hammond The Henchman.”

Ah yes…”Hammond The Hermit,” we haven’t talked about him for a while have we.

If he isn’t trying to get every last penny out of contractors and self employed people around the country with Tax Grabs and Tax Raids every month, then he is just being generally incompetent or corrupt…just like the rest of the government.

Funnily enough, Philip Hammond was on the same TV show as Dominic Raab, and he smirked and chuckled at the idea of a 5p tax drop.

When asked for a comment…the Hermit replied…”“Fiscal responsibility is a core Conservative brand and spraying spending commitments and tax-cutting commitments around is playing fast and loose with the value of that brand.”

More “weasel speak” from Philip Hammond then. Designed to baffle and confuse and just generally irritate every one out there who has an ounce of common sense.

Listen: If you are a contractor and you want to pay less tax then forget about the government or a politician giving you a hand.

You have to take matters into your own hands…and it starts with hiring a contractor accountant.

The best contractor accountants know exactly how to get you paying less tax legally. So what are you waiting for? Look to the right hand side of the page, right now, and find your perfect match.

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Lorraine Fought The HMRC…And Lorraine Won

Usually when people fight the HMRC in court then HMRC win. No contest. End of discussion “Pay us now,” say the HMRC.

Step forward Lorraine Kelly, the television royalty on the same level as superstars such as Jeremy Kyle, Jamie Oliver and Ross Kemp.

Lorraine is a favourite of the nation, there is no doubt about that, and when faced with the power of HMRC she decided to FIGHT THE POWER, and guess what? She won.

That’s right. Lorraine fought the HMRC…and Lorraine won…and now she has the right to call herself a bonafide contractor and reject the moniker of employee.

The HMRC wanted to label her as an employee. They claimed she was hired by ITV in a “employer/employee” relationship, which meant she would be subjected to the whole IR35 madness.

In short, the HMRC slapped Lorraine with a £1.2 million tax bill.

They were expecting a cheque from the the TV superstar, but were left stunned at HMRC HQ when Lorraine issued a challenge…

“I will see you in court,” were the words that came from the mouth of Lorraine Kelly.

Fighting words no doubt, and Lorraine Kelly was determined to take on the HMRC and let a judge rule over her case. She wasn’t writing out any cheques, just yet.

And so Lorraine Kelly VS HMRC came to court, and on the breezy but sunny morning of the court case there was television cameras and paparazzi photographers waiting outside the courthouse just waiting to get snaps of Lorraine turning up to the court.

Kind of like a court red carpet. Some say she even posed for snaps before the court was in session, while others noted that her superstar friends such as Mr Kyle, Mr Oliver, and Mr Kemp were there to offer support and offer a character witness.

Well it seems to have worked because a judge slammed down that trusty hammer and ruled that Lorraine Kelly was NOT employed by ITV and that she WAS a contractor who works for herself.

Long story short…she could say goodbye to HMRC and their £1.2 million tax bill, and close the door on this whole IR35 madness.

She was a free woman, and some witnesses report that as she left the courtroom she held her hand up in celebration and defiance.

You know, something tells me that Lorraine could have avoided this situation if she had a trustworthy contractor accountant in her corner.

Our best contractor accountants are trained to help you pay less tax while keeping you out of trouble with HMRC.

They fight on your behalf, and they always win. You can hire a contractor accountant right now.

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“DO IT NOW!” – Tax Return Warning

If you want to abide by the law and not get in trouble, then listen up, because what I’m about to say is very important.

As you may or may not be aware, it is the time of the year for doing tax returns, with the 31st of January being the deadline to get it in.

Now I know what you are probably thinking – “The 31st of January is 21 days away. I’ve got more than enough time to get this done.”

Perhaps, but if you want my advice…”DO IT NOW!”

Just like that homework you used to put off years ago. You waited and waited and waited…and then waited some more. And then, on the morning it was due you still had not done it.

Back then the teacher might have given you a firm caning for forgetting your homework.

However, while the HMRC are not quite as sadistic, they still punish you for forgetting your “homework” and missing the tax return deadline.

You can expect an immediate fine of £100 for being forgetful, followed by even more charges up to a maximum of £900 over the next few months.

Not only that, but HMRC also have the power to slap you with even more fines if they see fit. You could end up paying way more than you should, which is why you should take action now.

The best way to fill in your tax return is on the HMRC official website. You do everything online and send it off straight away. There is nothing complicated.

Or if you don’t have the time or you just can’t be bothered, then you should hire a contractor accountant.

The best contractor accountants can do your tax return for you and make sure it is sent in on time. No problem at all.

With that being said, the best contractor accountants are very much in demand at this time of the year. Many of them work around the clock to make sure their clients are looked after and their tax returns are completed, but there are still only so many hours in the day.

If you look to the right of the page then you will see our recommended contractor accountants. The best of the best.

All of these contractor accountants can do your tax return, but they only have limited spaces remaining.

So take our advice and “DO IT NOW!” and hire a contractor accountant today.

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Scottish Accountant Stole £125,000

If you travel North of the Border then expect to meet some of the best accountants money can buy. The best in the UK.

Right here at Contractor Accountants Dot Com, we often put Scottish contractors in contact with Scottish accountants. The result? A dream partnership.

Unfortunately, not every accountant in Scotland is playing by our rules. There are a few who play by their own rules and they stay well away from us and our recommended inner circle.

These “rogue” accountants make up the rules as they go, it seems. And behind them, leave a trail of destruction which costs hard working contractors thousands of pounds.

Take one accountant from Motherwell. She did the books for an Electrical company and made a respectable £24,000 a year salary, and everything seemed to be above board and according to plan.

“She is a great accountant,” the bosses would have said to anyone who asked.

“Is she an accountant worthy of being featured on Contractor Accountants Dot Com?” An expert might have asked.

“Yes she is,” would have come the reply.

Only she wasn’t. And if they had passed examples of her work on to us here at CA then it would have took us approximately 4 minutes to spot the scam.

Eventually the Electrical company in Motherwell cottoned on to the scam as well, only by that time their pockets were £88,226 lighter.

That’s right. This Scottish accountant had scammed the company out of nearly 100k.

She had embezzled and bedazzled the company, and sent money directly to her bank accountant to pay for loot she didn’t deserve.

“That’s a real Bobby Dazzler,” someone might have said when they saw her in a new car or a new hat.

She paraded the swag, but should have been more discreet. It was this kind of “in your face” parade that got her caught.

Eventually the cops were called in and she was led out the building in handcuffs. But get this, while on bail awaiting trial she…

Got another job!

Yes you read that right. The accountant landed another accounting job at a different company in Scotland, and it didn’t take her long to get up to those old tricks again.

Another £37,668 found its way into her pocket, before she was eventually got caught…AGAIN.

Right now this particular Scottish accountant is in custody and awaiting a sentence.

The moral of the story? If you are a Scottish company and you want a Scottish accountant, then make sure you you only use one of our recommended accountants. Someone who you can trust and call a friend. Someone who is professional and reliable.

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