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Thinking of Merging Your Business? HMRC has New Guidance

HMRC has recently updated some of its regulations when it comes to company mergers.

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Small businesses need better forecasts

And we don’t mean its bloody cold and going to rain all week. In a world of pre-election, pre-maybe-Brexit and IR35 hoo-hah, being a small business owner has never been tougher, in the post-war era. At some point in time, it’s entirely possible that you may require funding. But how to get it? Lending to […]

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How to Build Your Contractor Brand

Working as a contractor is tough, as you likely already know. If you work on just a single contract at a time, you have the issue of not knowing when it may end, or risk sudden termination if the company gets into trouble or needs to make cutbacks, leaving you out in the cold.

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IR35 Changes Causing Concern

Another day, another IR35 bombshell that will shock nobody bar HMRC (probably). A new survey conducted by Robert Half has found that more than three in five senior decision makers are either very concerned or somewhat concerned that IR35 changes, due in April next year, will make it hard for them to attract temporary workers.

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Accountancy Lacks Diversity, Who Knew?

The accountancy sector has been going through a tough time of late. Under the spotlight for auditing issues, IR35 a topic on everyone’s tongues, and now, it’s a matter of diversity. And we don’t mean that dance crew.

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Goals on Sunday, Legal Action on Monday.

More football-related accountancy news this week, this time courtesy of Goals Soccer Centre, who were forced to delist from the AIM stock exchange earlier this year as a result of financial irregularities, and have just admitted that their business accounts mayhave been overstated by a whopping £40m, since 2009.

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Thomas Cook’s Accountancy Practice’s Flying Under the Radar

It was reported last week that the Chair of the UK Government’s Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) committee has accused the accounting industry of being somewhat complicit in the recent collapse of Thomas Cook.

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If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime

HMRC continue to crack down on tax evasion and the sentences are getting steeper../

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More Football Fecundity

This time, it’s Spanish footballer Xavi Alonso up in court for tax evasion…

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Meow, Meow – Did The Accountant Steal?

Cats go “meow meow,” but what do they say when accountants steal from them? We are not talking about your average household cat, we are talking about…

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“Radical Overhaul” of Tax System is Needed, Say Think Tank

A left wing think tank have described the current tax system as “unfair and outdated.” So should we listen to them or ignore them?

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9 Year Ban For Restaurant Owner in Glasgow

What happens if you own a business and you dodge your tax and VAT duties? The HMRC will swing the ban hammer!

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Breaking News here at the CA News Desk and it comes straight from the mouth of a Hull woman who received a scam call.

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AVOID This Tax Return Guide

Here at ContractorAccountants we are looking out for you. We are in your corner and on your side. You can count on us.

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