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Accountant Jailed and Then Banned by FCA

Not a week goes by without stories of accountants getting themselves into trouble, both inside and outside the office.

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Messi Tax Situation Gets Messy

Last year I reported on Lionel Messi and his tax situation with Spanish authorities. Millions in unpaid tax was the story in the headlines. 

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“The Best Kebab in Town!” Said The Accountant

There was a small kebab shop in Camden where (legend has it) accountants lined up to enjoy the best kebab in town.

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500,000 Could Pay “Top Whack” Tax Rate

If you thought top rate income tax was just reserved for the rich and famous, then think again, as experts warn it could affect half a million.

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UK Contractors Are “In The Line of Fire” – Yet Again!

Regular readers of this blog will be well aware of the vendetta against ordinary and hard working contractors. They are always “in the line of fire.”

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Remote Contracting Jobs in Demand (Six Figures)

If you don’t enjoy going into the office every day then a remote contracting job may seem like the perfect choice. Where do you find them though?

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The New “Silver Striver” Tax – What You Should Know…

There are currently over a million so called “silver strivers” still clocking in and out everyday. They don’t want retirement…they want to work.

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It’s WAR! (France Stand Alone)

We are in the midst of a war, but not as we know it. A tax war…the kind of war that bears no resemblance to any other.

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Scotland Embraces New Income Tax System

If you are a contractor in Scotland then get ready for a new income tax system. It is now in force and ready to be assigned to your pay packet.

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Accountants Come to Blows…In Dubai

What happens when two accountants meet? They start throwing fists of course, in a primal battle to see who is the best.

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129 Premiership Stars Accused of Tax Avoidance

It was only a few weeks ago that Wayne Rooney was under scrutiny for tax avoidance…well, now you can add 129 more players to the list.

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Phish Don’t Swim…They Steal

Phishing has nothing to do with going out to the canal with your rods and bait. A recent memo from HMRC reminds us of that.

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Tax Avoidance – Accountants Called to the Dock

The recent Panama and Paradise papers have highlighted the fact that tax avoidance and evasion is a real problem in the UK.

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IT Contractors – From Zero to £500 a Day…In 90 Days

IT contracting has always been profitable in the UK, but to go from nothing to £500 a day (and beyond) in only 90 days? You must be kidding.

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