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HMRC To Open Scottish HQ Hub in 2020

There has long been calls for a HMRC HQ in Scotland. Well, good news, because they are on track to open a hub by 2020.

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104,774 Fake HMRC Phone Scams Last Year…

Did you know that in 2016 there was a reported 407 fake HMRC phone scams? Fast forward to 2018 and that number is…

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Diego Costa ACCUSED Of Tax Fraud in Spain

We can confirm BREAKING NEWS here at the CA News Desk…This just in…Diego Costa is accused of tax fraud in Madrid, Spain.

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Income Tax Going DOWN 5p?

If income tax went down 5p, how much would you save? Many contractors would save thousands and be laughing to the bank.

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£250k, Blew Away, By Rogue Accountant

There was an accountant by the name of Andrew in the small town of Bispham, Lancashire, who seemed like a good accountant who you could trust.

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ATTENTION Welsh Contractors: Does HMRC Owe You Money?

After a blunder by HMRC it has just come to light that some contractors in Wales are paying too much tax. Are you one of them?

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HMRC To Erase Your Voice?

Before you even get to say hello you hear a “click”. What is that you wonder? Am I being recorded without my knowledge, perhaps?

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The 15 Year Old Contractor Accountant

It seems contractor accountants are getting younger and younger. Gone are the days of a suit and tie…say hello to the school uniform.

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WARNING – HMRC Scam In West Yorkshire

If you are a contractor who lives in West Yorkshire then you must listen to our WARNING. Make sure you read every word on this page.

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“Please Sir, Can I Have Some More…?”

The UK Government walked up to the big American company with empty bowl in hand and asked…”Please sir, can I have some more?”

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“Ready, Steady, Go!” – MTD is Live

On April 1st HMRC made MTD (Making Tax Digital) Live. This wasn’t an April Fools joke, it was finally here, and contractors couldn’t believe it.

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Lorraine Fought The HMRC…And Lorraine Won

Usually when people fight the HMRC in court then HMRC win. No contest. End of discussion “Pay us now,” say the HMRC.

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Highest Paid Contractors Live Here

Have you ever wondered where the highest paid contractors live? Is it North or South and how much do they get paid? Keep reading…

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Do You Have a Landline? BEWARE of This Scam!

We have warned contractors about the dangers of phishing scams before…but did we warn everybody? Maybe not.

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