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IR35 is a tax measure which came into force in 2000. Its aim was to tax ‘disguised employment’ at a similar rate to employment.

Are HMRC’s offshore tax evasion targets within range?

Yes, we get that HMRC is getting tough on tax evasion. But why do we get the feeling that the Revenue set up is like the blind leading the blind?

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IR35Buddy service launched to end controversy around self-employed status

A new service has launched this week to help contractors protect themselves from the risk of being caught out by HMRC’s IR35 regulations.

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SMEs urged to not be scared off by IR35 rules

Small and medium-sized businesses in the UK should not be scared off by the current labyrinthine state of IR35 rules when it comes to hiring contract workers, as they could save as much as £2 billion by using the self-employed.

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IR35 – and still it rumbles on…

Since outing Mr Lester as a tax avoiding monster intent on destroying the UK economy single-handed, the press have continued to turn up cases where people are working for the Civil Service in a range of senior roles but who aren’t actually Civil Servants.

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IR35 – 12 years on and still nobody knows if they’re in or out

In the aftermath of the Lester affair, I have managed to get involved in a bit of a debate has sprung up about what actually is a freelancer.

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At a VERY long stretch, this IR35 judgement may be supportable

You will probably have heard me sounding off at fairly regular intervals about how inconsistent and impossible to judge the average IR35 case is. I’ve looked at many appeal judgements over the years and each one has been supportable, given the vague nature of that which is being judged.

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IR35 – a fudge of the highest order

It is interesting to note that before an MP takes his or her seat in the House they are required, by a law dating back to 1562, to swear or affirm an oath of allegiance to the Crown. Perhaps surprisingly they do not make any promises to behave but rely on a long tradition of honest and open behaviour instead.

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Modern Britain in a nutshell

I’ve been having a funny old week at work. For once I’ve got up to date on my deliverables and am waiting on assorted worthies to review and respond to the results. Meanwhile the technical team next door are working all hours God sent to keep up, while my in tray is almost empty. Well, it makes for a quiet, if rather boring life.

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Who said that IR35 rules have changed?

Another judgement has been handed down that looks like it will further clarify the eternally vexed question of when is an employee not an employee.

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IR35 Forum – now there’s a challenge…

The inaugural meting of the shiny new IR35 Forum is on Friday 6th May. This is the body that Mr Osborne has charged with “improving the administration of IR35”. Which, given the present state of he administration of IR35, is a pretty open-ended kind of brief.

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IR35 – a slap in the face? Well, no, not really

My blog for June last year was commenting on the first budget of the new Coalition government. It got a cautious welcome from me – which they no doubt appreciated greatly – and while the overall news wasn’t that wonderful, it at least looked like things were heading in the right direction.

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IR35 – an abomination in the eyes of the Lord?

Now the dust has settled on the OTS report, it’s been fascinating to see the various reactions to it. Most interestingly, nobody seems to have focused on the biggest potential recommendation, that IR35 be suspended with immediate effect. Which is a shame, really.

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IR35 – The war is not won….yet

Big news of the day is the release of the Office for Tax Simplification’s report on Small Business Taxation. Well, big news for freelance contractors anyway. This is because this is the report that lays out what they think should happen to IR35.

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Ask me no questions

You may recall I wrote last week about there being an apparent majority of recruitment consultants who don’t actually know what they’re doing, much less understand what (or rather who) it is they’re selling, Sadly that also seems to be true of contractors themselves.

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