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Provides answers to those who are curious about tax avoidance schemes, how they differ to tax evasion and what HMRC are doing about it.

What do you know about Tax Avoidance schemes? Really?

Whether SDC replaces IR35 as the legislation contractors need to be wary of or not, one thing’s certain: tax avoidance is high on HMRC’s to-do list

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Tax Evasion: It’s All Greek To You AND The Taxman

Would you know how to best guess the UK’s tax gap? No? Neither does the taxman. With contractors singled out to make up the deficit, is it time to panic?

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EU Tax Reforms And Imminent Transparency Online Register

UK Govt is way ahead of EU debate on tax evasion & transparency. From 2016, UK companies will share much more on the PSC register than EU demands.

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Serious defaulters rise again; the taxman means business

This time two years ago, HMRC had close on 1,100 individuals and businesses on its MSD programme. Come the end of the 2014/15 fiscal year, that number stood at five-and-a-half times that amount.

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What is the dark art of Tax Planning?

In August 1989 I started my training as an Accountant. Mrs. Thatcher was still the Prime Minister and everyone under the age of 21 wanted an XR3i or a 205 GTi.

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When is a tax-efficient arrangement too good to be true?

Contractors, whether new to contracting or experienced hands, will often be approached by salesmen for tax-efficient pay structures. “Great – where do I sign?” might be your first thought. However, you might want to reflect and find out a few things before committing yourself.

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Contractor accountants should be wary of HMRC prosecutions

UK individuals, including limited company contractors, appear to be committing less tax offences than in previous years according to law firm McGrigors.

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Tax clampdown could have costly side effects

The tax man has netted an extra £12.6bn from its investigations into large company’s corporation tax over the last 4 years.

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Why I dislike this government quite so much…

So our Beloved Leader has finally allowed us an election. Good news on several fronts. I make no secret of my desire to see the end of the current Parliament in general and our sitting PM in particular.

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Budget? What Budget?

There was quite a lot of minor change in the Budget, and we should praise the intention to focus on helping businesses with a raft of measures, but for us one man consultancy companies there was actually nothing of very much interest in there.

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Contractors cop the costs!

It was only a matter of time before HMRC launched an all out attack under the Managed Service Companies legislation – it would now seem that time is up! Some of the big providers have already fallen and the rest will soon come under fire.

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Contractor accountants concerned about retrospective taxes

The certainty in the UK tax system has been thrown into doubt by the Treasury’s use of retrospective action according to the Chartered Institute of Taxation.

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A bad day for some…

Big news of the day is about a court case that concerns a piece of the 2008 budget referred to as BN66. This is one of those things that came out in the supporting documentation that tells the actual truth about the contents of the 2008 budget as opposed to what the chancellor said in the House.

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HMRC encouraged to focus on Tax Evasion

According to The Public and Commercial Services union, the Government and the main political parties should be focusing on tax evasion and avoidance rather than making “savage” cuts in public sector spending over the next few years.

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