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What do you know about Tax Avoidance schemes? Really?

Whether SDC replaces IR35 as the legislation contractors need to be wary of or not, one thing’s certain: tax avoidance is high on HMRC’s to-do list

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Are HMRC’s offshore tax evasion targets within range?

Yes, we get that HMRC is getting tough on tax evasion. But why do we get the feeling that the Revenue set up is like the blind leading the blind?

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Tax Evasion: It’s All Greek To You AND The Taxman

Would you know how to best guess the UK’s tax gap? No? Neither does the taxman. With contractors singled out to make up the deficit, is it time to panic?

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EU Tax Reforms And Imminent Transparency Online Register

UK Govt is way ahead of EU debate on tax evasion & transparency. From 2016, UK companies will share much more on the PSC register than EU demands.

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Serious defaulters rise again; the taxman means business

This time two years ago, HMRC had close on 1,100 individuals and businesses on its MSD programme. Come the end of the 2014/15 fiscal year, that number stood at five-and-a-half times that amount.

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Will Self-Employed NICs be Tories Get Out Of Jail Free Card?

With the Conservatives promising NICs, VAT and income tax freeze, where will they turn to raise funds? Run a limited company? Be prepared!

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The Government’s Guide to Becoming Self-Employed

Where better to get small business advice than the taxman? In the most recent updates, HMRC adds new “getting started” webinar dates, and more.

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IR35Buddy service launched to end controversy around self-employed status

A new service has launched this week to help contractors protect themselves from the risk of being caught out by HMRC’s IR35 regulations.

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Online accountants – who else needs an online accountant?

There’s no doubt about it, the wholesale contractor accountancy marketplace is big business and everyone wants a piece of the action.

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How frequently should I post content to my portfolio blog?

All contractors should have a blog advertising their services. But what else should it contain & how often should I write fresh content for it?

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SMEs urged to not be scared off by IR35 rules

Small and medium-sized businesses in the UK should not be scared off by the current labyrinthine state of IR35 rules when it comes to hiring contract workers, as they could save as much as £2 billion by using the self-employed.

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RTI project ‘on track,’ according to HMRC

The new Real Time Information project from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs is well on its way to becoming successfully implemented, ministers say – much to the chagrin of taxpayers everywhere.

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HMRC proposes fines for small firms neglecting PAYE returns

Small firms may soon be subject to thousands of pounds in fines for neglecting their PAYE tax returns, according to statements made by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

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IR35 – and still it rumbles on…

Since outing Mr Lester as a tax avoiding monster intent on destroying the UK economy single-handed, the press have continued to turn up cases where people are working for the Civil Service in a range of senior roles but who aren’t actually Civil Servants.

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