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A Contractor’s Christmas

Depending on the nature of your contracting, Christmas week will either see you putting your feet up and enjoying a well-earned break with most of the rest of the UK population, with a scant few days off before starting back up on the 27th, or, if you are a nurse, carer, or shift worker, you may not even be fortunate enough to get that.

Because one of the downsides of contracting is that inevitably when you don’t work – you don’t get paid. For some of us, the Christmas break is the time we make to not just spend with friends and family, but to complete our self-assessment tax return in time for the deadline of January 31st. Not the most fun you can have in the Holiday period!

If you’re savvy, you’ve hired a contractor accountant to do all the leg work for you. Depending on how much you want to pay them they can do it all and even submit it for you, or they can pass over the data for you to submit. But having an accountant to help with tax returns is really money well spent. It’s their business to know each and every tax break you can take advantage of and help reduce the amount you owe the tax man for the last tax year or even help you claim some rebates, if your employment has been sporadic.

Doing it yourself, unless you are in the numbers and legislation game is likely to see you paying more than you need. It’s almost always the case that with an accountant you will save more than you spend on their services.

But what if it’s Christmas and you’ve left it too late to find an accountant? Well, the good news is that your tax return isn’t due back to the taxman until the end of January, so save yourself time and effort by filling in our simple form for a free quote on services from some of the best accountants who specialise in dealing with contractors. No need to contact them all individually to find they are too busy to help you. That way, you can rest assured that they will have your books balanced and your numbers ship-shape and ready to go in January while you get on with enjoying what time you do have over Christmas with the people you love, rather than a spreadsheet!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from us all here at Contractor Accountants dot com!

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