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More Football Fecundity

A few months ago, here at CAHQ, we reported on how footballer Diego Costa had found himself hauled up in front of the Madrid courts, accused of tax evasion around image rights while he was playing for Real Madrid. 

This time, it’s the turn of former Liverpool player and yes, you guessed it… Real Madrid and Spanish national team player, Xabi Alonso who’s been hauled up before the courts. (Not to be confused with Fernando Alonso, who races cars and, as far as we’re aware at Contractor Accountants, has his tax matters in order.)  

Champions League-winning player Xabi, (not actually pronounced ‘chavvy,’ despite the insistence of many UK pundits), is accused of avoiding paying €2m in tax between 2010-2012, during his time at Real Madrid. 

Time behind bars imminent for Alonso?

There’s yet more similarity to the Diego Costa story, with Alonso up on charges of image rights revenue tax evasion, plus creating an illegal tax haven, with a side helping of good ole’ regular tax fraud. When his trial began, he was initially facing a potential 5-year jail term, although this was, during his trial, eventually reduced to 2.5 years by the prosecution after some negotiation. 

While the cases of other soccer stars recently hauled up in front of the courts for tax evasion (Lionel Messi, Diego Costa, José Mourinho and of course, Cristiano Ronaldo) have all been settled without jail time, that’s because up until now they have accepted the charges, paid the fines, had a slap on the wrist and been given suspended sentences. 

Alonso, however, is not so keen to go quietly, it seems. He’s the first player to not accept a plea bargain in order to avoid jail time, and is prepared to actually go the distance in his trial, claiming he has done nothing wrong and has denied all charges made against him.

Given his stance, it’s likely he’s had a few restless nights worrying about what might happen if he drops the soap playing keepie-uppie in the prison showers. Are prison showers that different from football team showers? We digress… 

We don’t know much about Spanish jails, but we imagine it’s not quite the five-star experience Alonso is used to when away from home.  The case continues, with sentencing due to be made in the coming weeks. 

Xabi, Xabi Xabi… if only he’d hired a reputable accountant, like the ones we recommend here at Contractor Accountants dot com. 

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