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“Radical Overhaul” of Tax System is Needed, Say Think Tank

A left wing think tank have described the current tax system as “unfair and outdated.” So should we listen to them or ignore them?

According to them, if we listen to them and do everything they say…then 90 Billion Pounds Sterling will be raised for the Government.

How? They reckon if we start taxing capital gains tax at the same rate as income tax, then everybody at the government will be laughing to the bank and the UK will become richer.

If we do exactly what the Think Tank says, right now, then in 5 years time that 90 Billion Pounds will be a reality. That works out at…

15 Billion Pounds A Year!

With a General Election potentially around the corner then we can expect the subject of tax to be headline news for the coming months.

No doubt parties such as Labour and the Liberal Democrats will be holding hands with this left wing think tank and shouting from the rooftops about “Capital Gains Tax.”

Heck…the Raving Loony Party might even join them as well.

What about you, the hard working and high earning contractor? Should you be hoping for more tax?

If you are a raving loony, then yes.

But if you have any ounce of common sense, then no.

In fact, you should be hoping any future General Election results in you paying less tax. Whether it be income tax or capital gains tax.

But you can’t trust these politicians. We know that for a fact.

They promise and promise. But then leave you looking like an idiot when you are waiting for them to deliver results.

The only person you can trust is yourself. So trust yourself and leave the future of your tax in the hands of a contractor accountant.

Forget about Think Tanks and forget about politicians.

Instead, reach out to a trusted contractor accountant right now.

The ship is sinking. There is no doubt about that. And right now, as we speak…

A Contractor Accountant is handing you a life jacket.

Will you take it?

Do you want to save money on income tax?

Do you want to save money on Capital Gains tax?

If you answered yes and you are nodding your head in agreement then look to the right hand side of the page, right now, where you can find details of our recommended contractor accountants.

AKA…The Best Contractor Accountants in the UK.

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