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9 Year Ban For Restaurant Owner in Glasgow

What happens if you own a business and you dodge your tax and VAT duties? The HMRC will swing the ban hammer!

They have proven again and again they are not shy about getting tough on rogue business owners.

Take the recent story of a restaurant owner in Glasgow. He served good food and his customers were happy. But HMRC were left with an empty plate. Which means they were NOT happy.


This Scottish restaurant owner didn’t bother to file quarterly tax returns, although he was bound by law to do so.

It didn’t take long for HMRC to leap into action, and after a bit of snooping around they found he had been…

Concealing VAT since 2014.

It was now 2017, which means 3 long years had passed without any VAT payments.

As you can imagine, HMRC demanded immediate payment to catch up…plus a fine.

But instead of facing his duties the Glasgow restaurant owner decided to go out of business, despite the fact he owed around £195,000 to HMRC.

Fast forward to the present day and HMRC have eventually got their man. They might not have got the money back, but they have successfully banned this guy from doing business…

For the next 9 years!

That’s right. This former restaurant owner from Glasgow is now banned from directly or indirectly being involved with the promotion, formation or management of any company.

And what if he ignores the ban? Then you can expect to hear the familiar hammer of a judge being slammed down, and a stay in prison being offered to the Glasgow restaurant owner.

Let this to be a warning to everybody out there.

It doesn’t matter if you are a restaurant owner in Glasgow or a contractor in Cardiff. If you dodge your tax and VAT duties then HMRC will come after you and they will fine you, ban you, and even imprison you.

How would you feel if you found yourself behind bars, and then using the prison telephone to call up your contractor accountant.

“I should have took your advice…I should have paid my tax to HMRC,” you say.

“Yes you should have,” replied the contractor accountant.

“I will never ignore you again.”


The moral of the story – always listen to your contractor accountant and never ignore them, because if you do then expect to be in prison.

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