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AVOID This Tax Return Guide

Here at ContractorAccountants we are looking out for you. We are in your corner and on your side. You can count on us.

The same can’t be said about a certain high street shop called WHSmith. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Maybe you’ve even gone in and purchased something?

If you go in WHSmith on a regular basis then take our advice and STAY AWAY from their books, especially the books in the “tax advice” section.

The reason? Because it has just come to our attention that WHSmith have been selling a tax return guide book in their store…with information from the 2014-2015 tax year.

Yes you read that right. This tax book was being read by contractors and freelancers all around the country, even though the information they were getting was a few years out of date.

Not only that, but it is thought the book had been a “bestseller,” which means there could be thousands of contractors and freelancers with outdated information in their hands.

Know this: The tax rules imposed by HMRC change on a year to year basis and it is essential you get the very best information which is bang up-to-date.

If you ask us…this is the exact reason why you should STAY AWAY from tax return guides or tax books in shops such as WHSmith.

These books are like newspapers. Headline news one day, and fish and chip wrappers the next.

So where should your tax information from? In our opinion, the only source you should trust is the words coming directly from the mouth of a trusted accountant.

Not just any old accountant either. If you are a contractor and you want the most fresh and up-to-date tax return guides, information, and advice…then you need to speak directly with a contractor accountant.

Fortunately, we have a handful of very trusted contractor accountants right here on our site. We recommend them highly. They have our seal of approval.

Even better, you can visit their website and then get their phone number, and give them a quick call on the dog and bone.

I guarantee you will get more information (that is right up-to-date) from speaking with a contractor accountant for 10 minutes than you would reading a book from WHSmith for 5 hours.

As you can imagine, the price of hiring a contractor accountant is more than the price of a book, but then I’m sure you will agree you get what you pay for.

Buy a cheap book from WHSmith and get out of date information that could land you in trouble with HMRC.

Hire a contractor accountant and right up to date information that keeps you on the good side of HMRC and can even save you money on tax legally.

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