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Accountant Stole £1.7 Million In Bermuda Shorts?

There was an accountant in Cardiff, Wales, who seemed trustworthy and reliable, but he turned out to be the complete opposite.

So when he applied for a job as accountant of Bermuda he seemed like the perfect fit. He would get paid a salary of £80,000 and the country of Bermuda would get a good accountant at a fair price. Everyone wins…or so it seemed.

In fact, the accountant from Cardiff, Wales, managed to steal around £1.7 million cash directly into his bank accountant.

How did he do this? Mainly through creating fake payments. 50 of them to be exact. One at a time. One by one. No-one suspected a thing. And he would have got away with as well, if it had not have been for his appetite for…

Fast cars, gambling, and properties!

He was living life in the fast lane, at a speed which some called “Fast and Furious,” but this caused many people to take notice, especially since his salary was only £80,000 a year.

So the investigators came in and took a look under the bonnet, and what they found shocked them.

The first clue was a brand new Mercedes Benz car sitting in his garage. It still had the price tag on and this led the investigators to investigate further.

Then, they came across the fact his £140,000 mortgage was now completely paid off, and after a bit more digging around they found a trail of £500,000 LOST at online casinos and gambling sites.

With all this information in hand they had no qualms and about contacting the Police, and on a frosty morning in the suburbs of Cardiff the Police bashed down his front door and dragged him out of bed and put him in handcuffs.

Was he wearing Bermuda shorts? It doesn’t tell us in the official reports, but what it does tell us is that after pleading guilty this accountant from Wales got 7 years in jail.

So he went directly to a jail cell where he swapped the Bermuda shorts for a prison uniform, and that is another rogue accountant off the streets.

One day a real rain will come and wash all of the rogue accountants off the streets, but until that day you have to be very careful about which accountant you hire.

One trick to make sure you get the best accountant who is trustworthy and reliable is to use our “rolodex” of contractor accountants.

We trust them and you can rely on them. You have our word. Look to the right hand side of the page now to see who we recommend.

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