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Taxman Out…Fluffy Chick In…

The HMRC advertising team have been working overtime to come up with a new image so they can reach every man and woman in the UK.

Years ago, the image of HMRC was of a “taxman” in a suit and tie, who was faceless and wanted to get his hands on every penny out of your pocket.

This led most self employed people to view HMRC as the enemy, so to speak. They were seen as foe, rather than friend, if you see what we mean.

So HMRC assembled one of the best advertising teams they could. And the result has been a complete transformation. A total 180. They are now seen in a different light.

For example, a recent advertising campaign about the tax credit deadline has just come into the public limelight and millions of people have embraced it.

Many are talking on social media and lot’s of people are noticing it in newspaper and magazines.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then you are in for a treat…because…the advertising is a picture of…

A baby dressed up in a fluffy chick outfit!

“Genius,” is what we have to say here at Contractor Accountants, followed by “HMRC advertising department have done it again!!”

If you remember, it was last year when HMRC came up with an advertisement featuring quacking ducks…that quacked “tax.”

This was to remind all you contractors out there to get your tax return in on time. And guess what? It worked!

That’s right. More people than ever before did their tax return, in full and on time. The advertising obviously did its job and will no doubt go down as a classic piece of advertising that David Ogilvy himself would have been proud of.

Do you know what though? I reckon HMRC can make the duck campaign even better, and more interactive. What they should do is send out a pair of “duck slippers” to every self employed person in this nation of ours, and then guess what? These slippers will “quack” every time you take a step.

So you will be walking around the house and hearing “quack…quack…quack…quack…” And you will NEVER forget to do your tax return again. How could you forget? It would be impossible.

That “quack, quack” sound will also be a reminder to find yourself the best contractor accountant, which you can do right here at Contractor Accountants DOT COM.

Take a look at the right hand side of the page, right now, and you will see the only contractor accountants worth hiring in the UK.

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