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Diego Costa ACCUSED Of Tax Fraud in Spain

We can confirm BREAKING NEWS here at the CA News Desk…This just in…Diego Costa is accused of tax fraud in Madrid, Spain.

I really can’t believe it. Can you? It seems like every month there is a famous football star in Spain who falls foul of the Spanish tax man or woman.

So this month it is the turn of former Chelsea player Diego Costa, who currently plys his trade for Athletico Madrid.

The man can play, there is no doubt about that, and he is no stranger to the back of the net…but has he just scored an own goal with the Spanish authorities.

Ronaldo did, and so did Messi…and so did Mourinho. And they all had to pay for their crime, while only just avoiding jail.

Our main man Rooney has never played in Spain, which means he kept out of this. “I don’t speak Portuguese,” said Rooney when asked why he never put on the shirt of Barcelona or Real Madrid.

Back to this BREAKING NEWS story about Diego Costa and apparently he got a payment of 1.4 million Euros for image rights which he didn’t declare to Spain. He just took that cash and put it in his pocket and then took off like a rocket…to his offshore bank.

We must take a moment here to say that Diego Costa is innocent until proven guilty and all of this is just speculation right now.

However, if found guilty then he might find himself behind bars at the Madrid prison and playing for the prison football team.

Or he could work out a deal, just like Ronaldo and Messi did…and spare himself the humiliation of playing up front for the prison football team.

As you may aware, Diego Costa was born in Brazil, but he “Defected” to Spain and played for the Spanish national team.

It’s kind of similar to what a lot contractor accountants do. Many start out as general accountants but they “defect” to the contractor accountant world.

Why? Because they get paid more, that’s why.

Interestingly, some people have speculated that Diego Costa was paid to become a Spanish National, although we wouldn’t know anything about that.

What we do know about is contractor accountants…and in our opinion Diego Costa should have hired one when he was playing for Chelsea.

He could have easily visited our website and then chose one of our trusted accountants. Then, he could have kept that very same contractor accountant when he moved to Spain, and everything would have been just fine.

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