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ATTENTION Welsh Contractors: Does HMRC Owe You Money?

After a blunder by HMRC it has just come to light that some contractors in Wales are paying too much tax. Are you one of them?

Thousands of Welsh contractors have been affected by this blunder, and here is how to tell if you are one of them:

The new Welsh income tax rates were introduced last month, which means all Welsh contractors should see a “C” prefix in the tax code on their payslip.

However, after a mixup at HMRC HQ, it appears that many Welsh contractors have been given an “S” prefix on their payslip. And guess what “S” stands for?

“S” stands for…Scotland!

That’s right. Thanks to this blunder many contractors in Wales are paying Scottish tax rates, which means they are paying way too much tax.

What you need to do is check your payslips and tax codes immediately, and if you don’t see a “C” and instead see an “S” then you should phone up HMRC right away and demand to get your money back.

Do you know what else you should do? You should hire a contractor accountant in Wales to stay on top of this for you.

A good contractor accountant will keep an eye on the “C’s” and the “S’s” in your tax code and make sure everything is correct and up-to-date.

You won’t have to do anything, except pay them a small amount every month for watching your back.

Think of it like hiring a private bodyguard, who keeps you safe while you enjoy yourself, but instead of getting Kevin Costner singing “I will always love you…” – You simply get a trusted and reliable Welsh contractor accountant who does your books and saves you money on tax.

No hassle. No nonsense and no funny business. Just plain speak from the very best contractor accountants in Wales.

You can find the contractor accountants we recommend by looking at the right hand side of the page, right now.

We put all of them through their paces, and only the fittest survive on that small patch of our website reserved for the best contractor accountants in the UK.

Back to the story and thanks to the HMRC P800 tax calculation system…if you have overpaid on tax in Wales then you could get your payment back automatically…straight into your bank account.

You won’t have to wait for months for a cheque in the post. So don’t delay. Phone HMRC today and make them pay.

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