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WARNING – HMRC Scam In West Yorkshire

If you are a contractor who lives in West Yorkshire then you must listen to our WARNING. Make sure you read every word on this page.

This isn’t Click Bait either. This comes directly from the horses mouth…West Yorkshire Police to be exact, who have issued a warning to all self employed people in West Yorkshire.

It is a scam phone call doing the rounds, where the caller claims to be from HMRC but is actually a scammer.

This is not fiction. This is fact.

Not only that, but reports suggest these HMRC scam phonecalls are the most aggressive seen to date.

The caller pretends to be from the police and threatens the contractor with arrest if they don’t pay up.

I really can’t believe how low some people can stoop, can you? It makes you wonder how these scammers sleep at night?

The West Yorkshire Police have advised all contractors, freelancers, gig workers, and self employed people in West Yorkshire to ignore the calls and report it to ACTION FRAUD.

Here at Contractor Accountants we agree with West Yorkshire Police, although we say there is nothing wrong with slipping in a quick “FU” to these scammers before slamming the phone down.


We’ve just had another HMRC scam story hit the CA News Desk, right now.

Apparently these scammers are targeting a similar phone scam around the country, although it has just become a bit more sophisticated.

This one is an automated phone call that tells listeners (in an official tone) that HMRC are launching a lawsuit against them.

“Press one to make a payment and avoid court” the automated voice goes on to add.

Unfortunately, many elderly and vulnerable people are falling for this scam. Although anybody could fall for it. It really does sound very official.

Other scams to watch out for (which we have reported about before) include email phishing, tax refund scams and trying to get you to call premium rate telephone numbers.

Our advice? Only deal with HMRC through their official communication lines. Go to their official website directly (don’t click a link in an email) and never phone a number that somebody gives you. Get the phone number from their official website.

If somebody calls you claiming to be from HMRC then tell them you will call them back on their official number. If they really are from HMRC then they won’t have any problems with that.

If it is obviously a scam then shout a few choice words at these scammers before slamming the phone down.

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