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Highest Paid Contractors Live Here

Have you ever wondered where the highest paid contractors live? Is it North or South and how much do they get paid? Keep reading…

Firstly, let’s establish what “high paid” means. What we are talking about here is contractors who make over £150,000 a year. A nice bit of change, I’m sure you would agree.

A recent survey shows us that two-thirds of the highest paid contractors live in London or the commuter towns that are within driving or a train ride distance.

Approximately 205,000 people in London and the South East make £150,000 or more a year, many of them are classed as contractors and freelancers. Some are even called gig workers.

12,000 people come from the Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster. 3 places known for being home to the rich and famous.

Other places in London and the South East where contractors are laughing to the bank include Wandsworth, Camden, Fulham, and Elmbridge.

However, it wasn’t just London and the South East where contractors are getting paid over £150,000. For example, Edinburgh is a really happening place right now for contractors, and it is also a place where contractors are getting paid.

Cheshire East is also on the list, as well as Wilmslow and Mottram St Andrew.

Have you ever wondered how many people get paid £1 million or more per year? According to official HMRC statistics it is 31,000 people who broke the 7 figure barrier in 2018, and some of those people were no doubt contractors and freelancers. Some even gig workers.

If you are a contractor who makes over £150,000 a year, and even over £1 million a year…then I’m sure one of your main concerns is about paying too much tax.

You could easily find yourself paying 40% or more of your income to HMRC, and while I’m sure you legally want to meet your responsibilities and do everything above board…you probably also want to save a bit of money on tax.

Fortunately you are in the right place for doing just that. Here at Contractor Accountants we match high earning contractors with the best contractor accountants, and then…you have the perfect match.

Some pundits have described us as like “a dating site for contractors.”

“Just swipe to the right and find a perfect 10,” one pundit wrote after reviewing our site.

All of our recommended contractor accountants are perfect 10’s. You can bet on that. They are trustworthy and professional, and spend all of their time with contractors who make over £150,000 a year.

What if you don’t quite make £150,000 a year yet, is a contractor accountant still for you? Absolutely yes! And in fact, they will treat you equally, because a good contractor accountant understands that a new contractor today is a 1 million a year contractor of tomorrow.

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