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Do You Have a Landline? BEWARE of This Scam!

We have warned contractors about the dangers of phishing scams before…but did we warn everybody? Maybe not.

Our previous warnings to the contractor community included those with email addresses and mobile phones. “Watch out and be vigilant,” we said.

However, we forgot about those with a telecommunication landline AKA a home phone. Some contractors don’t have email or smartphones…they keep it old school.

In fact, a recent report showed that 20 million people still rely on the trusty landline as a major communication hub, which means they are potential victims to scammers and criminals.

Just like the contractors who regularly answer their phone. They could be targeted by fraudsters who phone them in the morning, afternoon or night pretending to be a tax authority from HMRC.

Unfortunately, it is often elderly contractors who fall for the landline scams, especially when the scammer says the words “HMRC.” It is often all they need to say to gain trust.

According to official HMRC statistics there has been 60,000 reports of landline phone scams in the last 6 months, and experts are predicting this problem is only going to be getting worse.

Could it be that scammers are finding it more difficult to dupe contractors through email and mobile…so now they are turning their attention towards the home phone? It could be, and if true then it appears they are having a field day.

There are many different HMRC landline scams to watch out for. Some calls will threaten you with legal action or prison time, while others will try to lure you in with the promise of a tax refund.

The end goal is the same in all situations…you will get scammed out of your hard earned money. All it takes is your bank account details or a password, and in no time at all you will be wiped out and left wondering what just happened.

Or the scammers might even convince you to send them vouchers or money. The scams these fraudsters have is as long as their arm.

Our advice? If you receive any call on your landline from someone claiming to be from HMRC then simply tell them you will call them back.

Then put the phone down and go to the official HMRC website and find an official HMRC number to call.

Then phone them and see if it was a genuine call or not. If it wasn’t, then you can report the scam phone call directly to the official HMRC representative on the other end of the phone.

With all these scammers about these days its easy to get paranoid. Try not to be, although just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not after you, if you see what I mean. And in the case of fake HMRC scammers they usually are after your hard earned cash.

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