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£400,000 VAT Scam = 5.5 Years for Accountant

A good accountant is as trustworthy as Santa Claus. You get a visit from them once a year and they give you gifts.

The gift of saving money on your tax bill is all most contractors want for Christmas, and with our trustworthy and respected contractor accountants you can do just that.

It does sadden us to hear that not all accountants play by the rules and by the book. Some are even downright dishonest and will steal money like they are taking candy from a baby.

Just like one rogue accountant in Birmingham, who was recently sentenced to 5 and half years for a VAT Scam.

This accountant cooked the books and setup 100 fraudulent repayments which then sent £400,000 directly into his bank accountant.

He was literally laughing all the way to the bank, until HMRC cottoned on to the scam and swiftly pounced into action.

What they found is this scammer accountant had hijacked businesses and then stole money. No-one is safe from these criminals it seems, unless you have a contractor accountant on your side.

Our contractor accountants keep a watchful eye on your business, like a hawk, and they will stop any hijacker before they even get to your gates.

Hiring a contractor accountant is like building a fortress around your property. No intruder can get in. You are 100% safe.

Back to the story and HMRC found this rogue accountant used the stolen money to fund a lavish lifestyle filled with fast cars, expensive holidays and a house.

Him and his wife travelled the world on innocent people’s dimes…going to places such as Las Vegas, Dubai, India and Mexico. The life of riley, no doubt.

But it all came to end when HMRC took him to court and a judge slammed down the hammer and announced “5 and half years” to a shocked courtroom.

The judge went on to rub salt in the wounds by describing the accountant as “thoroughly dishonest” and “a conman,” before leading him off in handcuffs to serve the time for doing the crime.

I think the moral of this story is quite simple – You MUST hire a contractor accountant to protect your business and make sure everything is done right.

Not only will you get peace of mind from knowing there is no-one scamming you, but you also get the benefit of paying less tax (legally) which is what all contractor accountants are trained to do for you.

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