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Scottish Accountant Stole £125,000

If you travel North of the Border then expect to meet some of the best accountants money can buy. The best in the UK.

Right here at Contractor Accountants Dot Com, we often put Scottish contractors in contact with Scottish accountants. The result? A dream partnership.

Unfortunately, not every accountant in Scotland is playing by our rules. There are a few who play by their own rules and they stay well away from us and our recommended inner circle.

These “rogue” accountants make up the rules as they go, it seems. And behind them, leave a trail of destruction which costs hard working contractors thousands of pounds.

Take one accountant from Motherwell. She did the books for an Electrical company and made a respectable £24,000 a year salary, and everything seemed to be above board and according to plan.

“She is a great accountant,” the bosses would have said to anyone who asked.

“Is she an accountant worthy of being featured on Contractor Accountants Dot Com?” An expert might have asked.

“Yes she is,” would have come the reply.

Only she wasn’t. And if they had passed examples of her work on to us here at CA then it would have took us approximately 4 minutes to spot the scam.

Eventually the Electrical company in Motherwell cottoned on to the scam as well, only by that time their pockets were £88,226 lighter.

That’s right. This Scottish accountant had scammed the company out of nearly 100k.

She had embezzled and bedazzled the company, and sent money directly to her bank accountant to pay for loot she didn’t deserve.

“That’s a real Bobby Dazzler,” someone might have said when they saw her in a new car or a new hat.

She paraded the swag, but should have been more discreet. It was this kind of “in your face” parade that got her caught.

Eventually the cops were called in and she was led out the building in handcuffs. But get this, while on bail awaiting trial she…

Got another job!

Yes you read that right. The accountant landed another accounting job at a different company in Scotland, and it didn’t take her long to get up to those old tricks again.

Another £37,668 found its way into her pocket, before she was eventually got caught…AGAIN.

Right now this particular Scottish accountant is in custody and awaiting a sentence.

The moral of the story? If you are a Scottish company and you want a Scottish accountant, then make sure you you only use one of our recommended accountants. Someone who you can trust and call a friend. Someone who is professional and reliable.

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