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Do You Qualify for the “Age Tax?”

Everytime politicians get together there is one subject at the top of their list. Guess what it is? TAX…of course. What else? Nothing.

So it comes as no surprise when MP’s recently came together in the Houses of Parliament and decided to rain down more tax fury on the innocent contractors, freelancers and business owners.

Yes it is YOU. The victimised contractor who is in the firing line once again. And who is pulling the trigger…is it notorious tax hound Philip Hammond? Actually no. Not this time. Its a different guy. One you might not have heard of before. But I guarantee you will hear his name a lot more. That name is…

Matt Hancock!

This is the name of the Health Minister, and the same guy who has just announced something called…

The Age Tax!!

Mr Hancocks plan is to get you paying more tax (as if you were not paying enough already) and it comes under the name of the “age tax.”

Do you qualify to start paying this age tax? Well, if you are over 40 and you are a contractor, freelancer, a business owner or just self employed in general…then you might have to start paying BY LAW, very soon.

If Matt Hancock gets his way then this age tax will become compulsory, which means you won’t have any choice in the matter.

In fact, if you work for someone else or you have regular clients who you do jobs for…then it will automatically get taken out of your pay packet.

“Where did all my cash go?” You say to yourself when looking at your bank account.

But you know the answer…don’t you? It will be that age tax and all of the other tax these politician vampires try to suck out of you.

Why are they hitting you up with this “age tax,” anyway? The main reason is because the over 65s need more care, and of course, you will also be over 65 yourself, some day.

If you want our nations elderly to looked after, and you want yourself to be looked after when you get there…you should welcome the age tax with welcome arms.

That’s what Mr Hancock wants you to think. In reality, the truth of the situation is the government need more cash to plug up their sinking ship.

The Captain, Theresa May, is way off course, and doesn’t know her ankle from her elbow. Let’s be honest here.

The Vice Captain, Philip Hammond, has noticed the water seeping through the cracks and is doing anything in his power to stop that water. The more he tries…the more water comes through. He is swimming against the tide, although he doesn’t realise it.

The Cabin Boy, Matt Hancock, is up to his neck in water down below. He is now desperate, and in pure desperation has introduced this age tax.

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