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“Champagne For Everybody!” Shouted The Accountant

We talk a lot about the trusted contractor accountants you can find on this site…but what about those accountants who are NOT on this site?

One such accountant was a guy from Galway In Ireland, who was hired to look after the books of a multi national company. The kind of company who turn over millions of pounds a year.

His “trusty” hands delved right into those books. Day after day. Month after month. And everything seemed to be going smoothly.

However, what the company didn’t realise is the accountant was actually putting his hands into the cookie jar, so to speak.

Rather than use those hands to soothe and save…he was using those hands to steal and spend.

How much exactly? £1.7 million pounds to be exact.

It was a secret though. He didn’t want anyone to find out. And he would have got away with it…but he took it too far.

If the expensive holidays, shopping trips and VIP seats at international rugby matches wasn’t enough to arouse suspicion…what happened at his son’s wedding definitely was.

“Champagne for everybody,” the accountant shouted. All paid for on the company credit card, of course.

The only problem is this was right under the noses of the company directors. They were right there at the wedding, drinking champagne they had unwittingly paid for.

Eventually they cottoned on to the fraud, and immediately contacted the Police.

This led to the accountant having his own special day in court, although there was no champagne and no holidays in the sun.

Instead, this particular courtroom had a stern looking judge sitting high above the accountant, and right now as we speak, that judge is sitting there with his hammer firmly in his hand…ready to dish out the rough form of justice that happens to any accountant who breaks the rules.

The accountants wife was also made to answer for these crimes, although she claims she didn’t know anything about it.

If you are a company owner, contractor, freelancer, or just generally self employed…don’t you agree that hiring an accountant like this is simply bad for business.

You don’t want someone drinking champagne and sitting on a tropical beach on your dime…do you? Of course not.

Fortunately, you are in the right place to find trusted accountants who won’t rip you off.

Most of the accountants recommended by us don’t even like champagne. They drink water, fresh and pure just like nature intended.

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