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Can’t Pay? HMRC Will Eventually Take It Away

Money laundering and VAT fraud were two crimes committed by a Preston man way back in 2015. HMRC were not impressed.

As soon as they caught this guy with his hand in the cookie jar they took him directly to court, and not surprisingly he was found guilty.

The judge slammed down that faithful hammer and ordered the Preston man to repay a staggering £590,000 for his crimes.

“I don’t have that kind of cash on me right now,” he is thought to have replied.

HMRC realised that a cheque wasn’t going to land in their mailbox anytime soon, although they did “reserve the right” to chase up payment at a later date.

Fast forward to 2018 and our man in Preston thought he was Scott free. He was living the life of riley with his feet up and playing online poker, day and night.

Then one day recently he struck it big it on the online poker tables…and with a pair of aces in his virtual hand he scooped up £70,000 from the pot and then called it a night.

Once that money was safely transferred into his bank account then he probably thought it was time for a holiday and a new car. Maybe even a brand new rolex to wear on his wrist.

What he didn’t realise is HMRC were patiently lurking in the background. Just waiting for a chance to pounce and get some of that money back.

Money which had been taken fraudulently and had been laundered don’t forget. In the opinion of HMRC and a court of law this was money which needed to be paid back.

So you can imagine the shock our man in Preston felt when he went to the ATM machine only to find a big fat ZERO staring back at him on the screen.

He no doubt went in the bank to see the manager.

“Just what is going on here?” he would have demanded.

“Your money has been taken…by HMRC,” the bank manager would have replied.

Poker winnings or not, HMRC were well within their rights to get that money and divert it into their own bank account. The court was on their side and nothing could stop them.

“He thought he had aced the tournament but we had the better hand in the end,” said a spokesperson for HMRC.

“We will not allow tax fraudsters to enjoy their winnings until they have repaid what they have stolen from the taxpayer,” they went on to add.

Did you know that contractors have their very own “ace in the deck?” They are called contractor accountants and they are there to make sure you stay on the right side of HMRC.

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