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Accountant Jailed for 21 Months

An accountant who described himself as a “defender of human rights” has just been sentenced to 21 months in the slammer.

This particular accountant worked for Amnesty International and was considered to be good at his job. Someone who you could trust with the books.

Well, it looks like he couldn’t be trusted after all, because on the sly he was using a work credit card to spend money on things for himself.

“£43,000” is the exact figure he blew on luxuries such as holidays, handbags, and even a top of the range espresso machine.

Will he be able to use that espresso machine in prison? I doubt it, although it wouldn’t surprise me if they serve cappuccinos in the prison cafeteria.

In my opinion this accountant behind bars might want to give up these luxuries and spend his time inside getting back to basics.

100 pressups and 100 situps every morning, followed by eggs and oats for breakfast and then 100 pullups in the prison yard.

Meat of the day and rice for dinner, and then back to the cell for 200 squats before lights out.

21 months of that and I’m sure this particular accountant will have learned the error of his ways.

“No more credit card spending for me,” he could say when released. “I’m all about the basics now…doing the right thing.”

Just like the contractor accountants that we recommend right here this website. These accountants don’t have any requirements for espresso machines. In fact, most of them don’t even drink coffee, they drink water, pure and natural, just like nature intended.

It’s good to know that you have a pure accountant on your side, don’t you think? Someone who focuses on the basics and makes sure all the numbers in your business come together like a well oiled machine.

It’s the equivalent of doing pressups, situps, and pullups in prison, followed by eating a clean diet. Everything pure. Nothing artificial. Just the way you want your contractor accountant to be.

Back to the story, and eye witnesses described the accountant as “sobbing” when the judge slammed down their hammer and gave out a 21 month sentence.

He was then taken away by the guards, and into a waiting police van that would then transport him directly into the jail house which will become his home for the next 21 months.

Also, it was noted this particular accountant actually hails from the country of Columbia, and once his sentence is complete then he is to be sent back to his home country.

Hopefully he can start again in South America. A fresh start. Purity and accountancy, together as one…just like the best contractor accountants in the UK.

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