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60% of Contractors “Unmoved” By Brexit

If you thought Brexit would turn the world upside down for British contactors, then think again…most are very much “unmoved.”

This is according to a brand new commissioned report by a company called Kensington Mortgages, and in that report they discovered around 60% of freelance contractors in the UK are not bothered about our country leaving the European Union.

63% of those surveyed said Brexit would not affect their contracting and it would be business as usual once Britain will stand alone, once again.

France and Germany will no longer be brothers to our freelance contractors, but if we believe the report…then UK contractors just don’t care.

“Who needs them,” is very much the mood on the street among the average IT contractors and freelance business owners around the country.

From London to Newcastle and from Cornwall to Dover…our contractors are pitching their own tents and getting ready for the oncoming storm.

Even if a hurricane approaches the White Cliffs over the next few years…our contractors are staying in their tents.

Yes, they really are “unmoved” when it comes to Brexit.

However, the report also found out that contractors were generally not optimistic about securing a self employed mortgage right now or in the future when Brexit happens.

42% said they specifically believed getting a home loan for contractors would probably be out of their grasp in the near future, although if you ask me this isn’t to do with Brexit.

The self employed have always struggled to get mortgages and other kinds of loans, and although things are improving, it might be a while until being approved for a “contractor mortgage” is as easy as pie, so to speak.

Right now though, as we speak, the one thing every contractor in the UK can count on is a contractor accountant.

Brexit might bring tough times and being approved for a mortgage might be just out of your reach…but a contractor accountant will always be there in your corner fighting for your rights.

“I paid less tax last year,” is what some some freelance contractors say after hiring a British contractor accounting firm.

“I don’t care about Brexit, and I don’t care about getting a mortgage…as long as I pay less tax, legally of course,” is what smart contractors are saying while getting their lunch time kebabs.

It’s in those very kebab shops where they rub shoulders with the contractor accountants. They queue up side by side…contractors and contractor accountants. Together as one. In it together. They stand together.

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