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Messi Tax Situation Gets Messy

Last year I reported on Lionel Messi and his tax situation with Spanish authorities. Millions in unpaid tax was the story in the headlines.

In that post I mentioned how Messi could end up in the stripes of the prison football team…although it now looks like he will avoid time behind bars.

Instead he is off to the world cup…although the tax saga has recently got a bit…well…messy.

The Spanish government spared Lionel with jail time but they did hit him in the wallet, to the tune of 4.7 million Euros…

He didn’t like forking out that kind of dosh so he decided to fight back, by airing his “messi” laundry in public

Was his underpants among that laundry basket? Yes it looks that way…and they were not clean. Not by a long shot.

In a recent interview he claims to be a “victim.”

“I felt victimised but I was lucky to have the backing of those close to me,” said Messi.

You know, I reckon Lionel Messi could have avoided this mess by seeking out the services of a contractor accountant.

Obviously in Spain they are called something different, but the goal remains the same…get your books straight and keep you out of trouble.

That is what Jose Mourinho did…apparently. After getting in trouble with Spain, he moved to the UK and the first thing he did once in Manchester? Typed in “www.ContractorAccountants.” It is the “special one” he was thought to have said.

Let’s not forget Ronaldo and his brush with Spanish authorities over tax.

Insiders say he decided to keep things on the straight and narrow after visiting Contractor Accountants and visiting one of our recommended companies. These days everything is recorded in a notebook with 3 for expenses,,,one for profit…and one for goals.

Even our main man…Mr Wayne Rooney himself…even he got his act together after a week in Skegness and some time to reflect

“Have you seen this website Coleen?…Wayne said before going on a donkey ride on Skegness beach

So over the next few weeks Messi and Ronaldo are expected to light up the football world once again…

While Mr Mourinho watches it on TV and Wayne Rooney gets a tan on Skegness beach

“Can you rub some lotion on my cheeks please Coleen..oh and don’t forget my nose.”

Of course this is all just pie in the sky and famous footballers may never have visited Contractor Accountants. Who knows for sure.

What I do know is that every single contractor in the UK could benefit from a trusty accountant, so you can keep your books clean and stop them from getting messy.

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