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It’s WAR! (France Stand Alone)

We are in the midst of a war, but not as we know it. A tax war…the kind of war that bears no resemblance to any other.

Who would have thought that France would stand alone to take on the “enemy” while the UK backed away.

“We surrender!” is what the UK generals said.

Germany are also out of this one, while the USA are watching from afar once again, ready to step in if needed.

So who is the enemy? According to the French Government it is digital companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

I’ve reported before on France and their fight against these Billion Dollar companies.

“No Pay, Francais.” was one such post…followed by “You Pay, Say Francais.” Look them up.

So now it is all out war. The kind of war that won’t be fought at the beaches and there will be no marching in Paris. This war is all online.

“We can no longer accept to have all our private companies paying a higher level of taxes in our nations when the digital giants are not paying the same,” said French Finance Minister Bruno Le Marie.

Fighting words for sure. The kind of words that a general uses to rally his troops and get them ready on the eve of a battle.

Never will they surrender again. The “Fighting French,” is what some pundits have proclaimed.

Why are countries such as the UK and Germany not joining forces with France though, are they SCARED? Sort of.

While war is something that the British and Germans know a thing or two about, in this particular day and age it is more about caution.

Some experts say that the UK and Germany are actually fearful of retaliation from the USA if they join up with France.

“Attack our digital companies and you will pay,” seems to be the message from North America.

Philip Hammond, the UK Chancellor avoided any kind of conflict at a recent meeting, and instead of giving out a WAR CRY like the French Finance Minister, he decided to be a bit more…diplomatic.

Mr Hammond wants more dialogue about the situation, no doubt wary of American revenge if the UK took up arms with the French.

So it looks like American online giants can continue as normal in Europe. Make billions…pay no tax. Rinse and repeat. Good times!

A good time can be had by all though, even UK contractors. All you need is a contractor accountant in your corner and the good times can begin.

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