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Accountants Come to Blows…In Dubai

What happens when two accountants meet? They start throwing fists of course, in a primal battle to see who is the best.

That is what happened in Dubai recently, where two accountants suddenly came to blows in a dispute about pay.

It was the chief accountant who soon got the upper hand in the bout, and in true accountant style decided to give his co-worker a beatdown that left everybody else in the room shocked.

Apparently the accountant went to confront his chief about having some pay docked out of his wages.

“It’s because you have been missing work,” is what the chief told his employee.

The answer wasn’t acceptable, and in no time at all both men were involved in a fight for honour and respect.

It was just punches that were traded that day, and true to his position it was the chief who came out on top after defending himself against an initial onslaught.

Some say it was his counterpunching style that won the day, while his opponent was more of a brawler that lacked a plan.

Anyway, while the chief accountant got his hand raised that day, it was the co-worker who had the last laugh.

He took the matter to court and claimed he was a victim of a beatdown. Not just any old beatdown…an accountant beatdown.

The kind of beatdown that would never happen in the world of UK contractor accountants. Never.

Instead, our trusty accountants for contractors are much too professional and much too focused. All they want to do is offer you the best service possible so you are able to save as much money as you can.

Sure, there are times when a contractor accountant might feel like throwing some leather and they might even be tempted to give out a “karate chop,” but when it comes down to it, they are way too cool.

Back to Dubai and during the court case the chief accountant said, “we had a heated argument and I pushed him but I didn’t injure him.”

His side of the story was thrown out by the judge, who instead, believed the co-workers version of events.

The crowd in the court room were left speechless when the judge slammed down his hammer and sentenced the chief to deportation.

That’s right. The punishment for accountants found guilty of fighting in Dubai…banished from the country!

Maybe this particular chief accountant will arrive in the UK to offer his services to contractors, although we just hope his own brand of justice be left for the boxing ring.

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