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“Unfair Tax Bill” Says Rooney

Wayne Rooney, the former Manchester United and current Everton football player has recently got a letter from HMRC in the post…he wasn’t impressed.

This letter wasn’t to congratulate him on his fantastic football career and it wasn’t to send him warm regards about the recent birth of his son…no, it was to demand payment for a cool £5 million pounds.

“Chump Change!” is what many pundits are no doubt saying when it comes to the finances of Wayne Rooney and his ability to pay this tax bill from HMRC, but I’m sure that Wayne is not exactly enthusiastic about writing out a cheque for 5 million smackaroos when that money could have been going elsewhere. A few new Ferrari’s and an exotic holiday in the Summer for all the family.

Well, it looks as though the Rooney family may be on their way to Skegness for their summer hols this years, because with 5 million gone out of his bank account I’m sure they will be on the lookout for more of a budget option.

What appears to have happened is that Rooney invested some of his money in some kind of film finance scheme, although these kind of schemes have since been called “controversial” by many in the media.

It seems that HMRC are of the same opinion, because they now want paying for back taxes…and if there is one thing we all know, it is the fact that when they demand a payment then you better pay up or be prepared to take the matter to court.

However, I don’t think that Wayne Rooney would be the kind of guy to fight HMRC in a vicious court battle. Sure, it would make headline news and be a saga that played out over weeks or even months, but when you consider his focus is on scoring goals for Everton right now, well, if you ask me it would a good idea to just pay the thing, learn his lesson, and move on.

With that being said, a source close to the England footballing legend has gone on record to say that Wayne is “furious” at the matter, and has even commented that it is “ridiculous and unfair.”

It is also believed that Mr Rooney was only acting on advice from a finance expert that he trusted, but now the whole thing has sunk faster than the Titanic, well, the expert has disappeared like the Mary Celeste and our man Rooney is not impressed. Not one bit.

This does go to show you though, that when you take the advice of people that claim to be “experts,” but in actual fact couldn’t organise the proverbial – getting very drunk in a brewery – then you can’t really complain when things start to get a bit tasty.

5 million quid tasty of course, which is something that the average man and woman on the street could never envision being billed for, and even if they did it would only take a short note to the HMRC saying something like, “sorry, I haven’t got that kind of cash right now.”

This whole story does prove that even high paid football stars sometimes take the wrong advice. If they can, then so can you…the hard working contractors and freelancers who just want to make a decent amount of money for yourself while working less.

That is why you should only take advice from the right people, such as contractor accountants who know exactly what is within the law, and what isn’t. You can find such professionals right here at this website.

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