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Your Tax Return Excuse…Accepted!

It’s almost 1 month since the tax return deadline slammed shut, and for those who missed it then a £100 fine is on the way, no doubt.

Unless you have a valid excuse that is, although as I’ve reported about before the vast majority of excuses are firmly rejected by HMRC.

That doesn’t stop people trying though, with talk of aliens and other extra terrestrial beings interfering with hard working contractors getting their tax return in on time.

Unless HMRC actually see the spaceship in your back yard then I don’t think they are going to allow it, which means your tax return excuse will be quite rightly…rejected.

Do all excuses get rejected? Apparently not, as HMRC have just released a list of the type of excuses that are more likely to be…accepted.

For example, if you were hard at work trying to complete your online tax return just before the deadline, in the hours between 11pm and midnight (which many people were), then any kind of computer of software problems during that time could lead to HMRC looking on the brightside and deciding to give you a free pass.

You might need to prove that your computer gave out on you at the last minute, but if it really is a genuine excuse then you can probably avoid that £100 fine.

The same goes for if the HMRC website decided to have an “under construction” message during the final few hours leading up to the tax return deadline.

In other words, if it was the HMRC official site that failed you and it is no way your fault that the deadline was missed, then you can expect them to be very relaxed about the £100 fine.

What about another kind of excuse that will be accepted? You will be pleased to hear that if your property has recently been subjected to fire, floods, or theft…then guess what? You probably won’t be fined the £100.

HMRC understand that a fire will have no doubt seen your tax return go up in flames, while a flood would probably have made it unreadable.

A theft? Well, if a rogue of the night swooped in and decided to relieve you of your tax return then there really isn’t anything you can do about it. HMRC will understand this.

Another excuse that could work in your favour is whether or not the Royal Mail have got their act together. We all know how your average postie in shorts can be a bit relaxed at times, to the point where you send off a letter in January only for it to reach its destination a few weeks later.

“First Class” just doesn’t have the same meaning anymore and neither does “Second Class” either. If there are delays in the postal system that caused your paper tax return to miss the deadline then you can expect a bit of understanding from HMRC.

Do you know who else has complete and total understanding of the tax system in the UK? Contractor accountants of course, who you can hire (and fire) at will, although if you choose the contractor accountants found on this website then expect to do more hiring than firing.

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