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Tis The Season For Online Tax Returns

Turkey and mince pies, that is what the majority of people focus on during Christmas. Some people though, it’s all about those online tax returns.

According to HMRC 10,000 tax returns have been submitted over the 48 hour period of Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and apparently, there was even 92 submitted during the 1 hour period of 11pm and midnight on Christmas Eve.

That’s right. While most kids are in bed waiting for Santa and the majority of adults are drinking sherry and singing carols, there was 92 hard working self employed people busy at their computer, making sure those online tax returns were correct and then sent in to HMRC.

It was then 2500 online tax returns that were sent in on Christmas Day. While others unwrapped presents and watched television with the family, these dedicated contractors, freelancers, and business owners didn’t want any of it, and instead, decided to get their tax return done so they could cross it off the list.

On Boxing Day another 7500 online tax returns made there way into the HMRC inbox. Of course, Boxing Day was traditionally the day for giving gifts and unwrapping those presents, but these days it seems most people do that on Christmas Day, which makes sense really.

However, most people do like to relax and unwind on Boxing Day…maybe go out for a drink or finish off the leftover turkey. Online tax returns are usually the last thing on their mind, but for 7500 of our nations self employed it was their main priority.

This seems to confirm an overall trend that online tax returns on Christmas Day and Boxing Day are becoming more popular.

For example, last year 8000 online tax returns were received by HMRC during the festive 48 hour window, with 2000 on Christmas Day and 6000 on Boxing Day.

So 2000 more people were logged on and filling our their tax returns this year, and the HMRC think it has a lot to do with their online advertising reminding everyone to get it done on time.

The advertising features ducks quacking and has no doubt caught the attention of many, with the reminder to get your online tax return in by the 31st of January. Paper tax returns should have reached HMRC by October 31st of course.

My advice to anyone who still has not submitted their online tax return is to get it done as soon as possible.

Sure, you might be too busy during this festive period, and certainly didn’t have the time on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but you should do it sooner rather than later if you ask me.

There will still be millions on January 31st rushing to get their online tax returns in on time. You can count on that.

If they get it done now then they could relax, or they could even use this website to find a contractor accountant and let them do all of the hard work.

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