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The HMRC Site Went Down, Contractors Frustrated…

This is the time of year when being able to contact HMRC quickly is very important. Why? Because the tax deadline is just around the corner.

Thousands of contractors in the UK requite assistance with filling in those tax forms, but, just when they need help the most it appears HMRC went for a holiday.

That is what it would have seemed like anyway, to any freelance contractor who recently tried to access the HMRC website or call them on their dedicated phone line.

The website was just a blank page and the phone line was silent. Contractors around the country were frustrated.

So much so that many people took to social media sites to ask questions and vent their frustration.

“Any idea when the self assessment phone lines will be up and running? I’ve tried 10 different numbers so far today!” Tweeted one disgruntled contractor professional who no doubt just wanted to get their tax return sorted out before Christmas.

Another social media user had this to say, “I tried calling your number regarding the amount I have been taxed this month, but it is apparently down currently due to technical difficulties. Any idea when service will return”

Other Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users were not so diplomatic…”#taxcredits phone line is down just great,” wrote one outraged contractor.

Some contractors went into a frenzy, trying different numbers but with no joy…

Fortunately there was some response from HMRC on their official Twitter page where they had this to say…”We don’t have a timescale for a fix as of yet. All we can recommend is to try later. If it’s a general query, I can advise you on here.”

Then later an official announcement from HMRC…“currently experiencing some problems with IT systems.”

I’m sure some talented and experienced IT contractors were soon on the scene to get everything fixed, because in no time at all everything was back to normal with HMRC website and phone lines.

This means that freelance contractors everywhere can now get on with submitting their tax returns for self assessment

Do you know what though? I reckon most contractors have got better things to do than be trying to get through to HMRC when their website and phone lines are down.

That is what contractor accountants are there for, to do all of these things while you focus on what you do best…making money.

Hire a contractor accountant right now is my advice, something you can find right here on this website.

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