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Company Boss Avoids Prison for Tax Cheating

We’ve heard about how accountants are avoiding prison when they get into trouble…it’s now the turn of company bosses.

That’s right. A tax cheat boss who owned a plumbing company in Stockport recently got caught by HMRC, where they found that over a 10 year period he had failed to pay approximately £65,000 to the government.

Not only that, but the plumber also neglected to send a cheque to the VAT man between the years of 2004 and 2014, and during that time only paid £750 in tax.

This is despite his plumbing business doing very well during that time, where investigators found that he spent nearly £50,000 on advertising and bought a flashy van for the business, a VW transporter that retails for around £25,000.

It also emerged that he wasn’t doing badly when it came to his personal life, with flashy cars and private school fees being the norm during those 10 years, while at the same time HMRC received barely anything.

An Audi RS6 found its way into his garage with a reported cost of nearly £90,000, while a cheaper BMW 116d SE was purchased…as a backup to the Audi no doubt.

£65,000 was the amount the company boss spent to send his children to private school. It’s good to see they are getting a good education, it’s just unfortunate he didn’t pay the government first, which is what everyone should do of course.

It doesn’t matter if you are a self employed business owner, freelance worker, or contracting professional. Just get yourself an accountant and do everything above board is my advice.

Appearing in court, the company owner admitted that he had evaded tax, VAT, and national insurance contributions, and before an onlooking jury, the judge slammed down the hammer and gave the boss 2 years in the slammer.

However, those 2 years were quickly suspended, which means he will avoid going to prison right now, and as long as the boss doesn’t do anything similar in the future then it should never come to that.

The plumber did get 300 hours of unpaid work as a punishment though, as well as a 3 month curfew where he wasn’t allowed to leave the house after a certain time.

The judge and jury also decided that all of the £65,000 in lost taxes must be paid back by the plumbing company owner, and if that didn’t happen within 3 months then he could very well find himself having to visit the local nick and spend a bit of time.

I think the message is clear here…pay your taxes and you will be fine, but don’t pay your taxes and you might just have your very own day in court.

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