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Freelance Contractors Will Understand These 6 Things

According to new statistics, there are more freelance contracting jobs in the UK than ever before, and the scene is only going to get better say experts.

This has led to more and more people who have the benefit of working from home and don’t get out of bed until midday. Some are still in their dressing gown at 4pm.

If this includes you, then the following 6 things will make perfect sense.

Your neighbours do a lot of online shopping

When you are a freelance contractor who works from home, then you get to see just how many deliveries there are on your street. It’s a lot.

Not only that, but many neighbours expect you to be the person who signs for the parcels and holds them until they can collect. This has led to you ignoring the door when a delivery van pulls up outside.

You alternate between “no work” and “too much work”

While freelance contracting jobs are in abundance, that doesn’t mean you are always in control of when they come through.

One day you can be putting your feet up and watching a Jeremy Kyle marathon, pondering the fact that you have no jobs to do, and then all at once they come through, which means the next day you have no choice but to work for 14 hours.

You struggle to get a mortgage

Once you tick the box for “freelance contractor” on the mortgage application form then 95% of lenders go running. “We will call you, don’t call us,” they say.

It’s frustrating, no doubt, but the good news is that mortgages for freelance contractors are becoming more common.

You no longer get road rage

Do you remember those mornings when every commute to work contained at least one bout of road rage? It’s a recipe for all out rage of course, with other workers all desperately trying to get to work on time and that is when driving manners go completely out of the window.

These days you are much more relaxed. While all the other people are out on the roads and honking their horns and having a shouting match, you are still fast asleep and dreaming about getting more freelance contracting jobs.

You can do way more in 1 hour than previously

Traditional employees spend a lot of time gossiping, making coffee, and doing other irrelevant tasks, which means the amount of productivity they get done in 1 hour is usually minimal.

When you are working for your yourself then you are free from all of those distractions. Many times, you can do more in 1 hour than other people can do in 4 hours.

You no longer do your own books

When you first started out in a freelance contracting career then doing your own books was something that seemed like a good idea.

However, after staying up late at night trying to get everything right, eventually, you came to the conclusion it was a better idea to give the task to someone who knows what they are doing.

The person is a freelance contractor accountant of course, and not only do they save you a whole lot of time, but they also save you money.

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