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Accountant Steals £350k – “Unfit For Prison” Says Judge

When you hire an accountant you expect them to save money for your business…You don’t expect £350k to find its way into their pocket.

Unfortunately, some accountants don’t play by the rules, and this is what a court has been hearing about in a recent case.

The story in brief? An accountant was hired by a technology firm to do their books and make sure everything went smoothly. However, this particular accountant had other ideas, and instead, she proceeded to steal around £350,000 that would go on to fund her online poker addiction, the court heard.

Under scrutiny from prosecutors, the accountant went on to tell how she got the cash out of the business by creating over 400 fake invoices.

Well, the judge decided this just wasn’t on at all, and once found guilty the accountant was on the brink of being given a sentence of 3 years and 4 months in prison, which as many people would no doubt agree with, is reasonable punishment for committing such a crime, especially when you consider the amount of money involved.

However, just as the the judge was about to slam the hammer down and send the accountant directly to jail without passing go or collecting £200, it appears the judge had a change of mind and came to the conclusion she was “unfit for prison.”

This means the accountant won’t be relaxing in a cell and watching TV all day with her feet up, oh no, it was decided she would get a 2 year suspended sentence and also be hit with 250 hours of unpaid work.

The decision has been met with almost universal outcry from business owners, contractors, freelancers, and self employed people around the country, who argue that it sends out completely the wrong message, especially when you consider the crime that was comitted

If an accountant can steal over a quarter of a million pounds from a business, which let’s face it, would be enough to send a lot of people out of business, and then avoid prison or any kind of serious punishment, then many other accountants are going to start thinking it’s ok to do this kind of thing.

In my opinion, this accountant should have gone to prison and be made to serve time behind bars. If you don’t punish these type of crimes in the right manner, then we can expect to be hearing more stories about stealing and corruption over the next few years.

Which is a shame really, because I’ve always thought of accountants as trustworthy and respectable, where you can hand them the “keys of your business” so to speak, and then leave them to work their magic on your books and save you money.

You don’t expect them to be filling their own pockets and then lying to your face, but as we are hearing about now…it does happen.

That is why I always recommend to use a recommended site, such as this one, where you can find the contact details of professional and trusted accountants who are there to serve you and your business in the right manner.

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