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Ronaldo in Court Over Tax Charges – Faces Jail

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of the Cristiano Ronaldo tax saga that has been going on since last year. Well, this week he was in court.

The Real Madrid star took to the dock and faced prosecutors who claim he has evaded almost £14 million pounds in tax. If found guilty in a Spanish court of law, then it’s possible Ronaldo could be doing some jail time, with a potential 3 and half years banged up on the cards.

Of course, because Ronaldo doesn’t have previous, then it’s unlikely that he is going to end up in the slammer if found guilty, but it is a possibility.

Also, you have the recent case of Barcelona player Lionel Messi who was found guilty of tax evasion in Spain. While some pundits were saying that he faced jail time, in the end all that happened is that he got a fine and had to pay back taxes.

I’m sure Messi didn’t enjoy writing out that cheque, but when you’ve got millions in the bank and don’t have to join the prison football team, then I’m sure the cheque got paid out to the Spanish government pretty quickly.

So will Ronaldo also be writing out a cheque? Right now it’s difficult to say, mainly because although the Real Madrid star did appear in court, he didn’t actually make any statement, although in a previous statement issued to the press he did mention that there has been no wrong doing on his part.

This court case in Madrid (where no guilt or innocence has been proven remember) has really caught the attention of media outlets worldwide, with one onlooker noting that 40 TV crews and 100 journalists were waiting outside of the court for a chance to speak with Ronaldo.

However, it appears the Portuguese footballer is as elusive off the pitch as he is on it, because he managed to dodge the media both entering and leaving the court, before being whisked away by his driver and back to his mansion in the suburbs of Madrid.

So what exactly are prosecutors claiming that Ronaldo did wrong? Apparently, they are saying he formed a complicated company structure, with the help of accountants, to hide income that was generated from image rights. Some commentators who are following the case closely also note that income may have been sent to offshore accounts in places like the British Virgin Islands.

Who knows exactly what has gone on here, but what I do know is that while many contractors in the UK might be reading about this story with interest, they are way more concerned about their business and income.

No matter if Ronaldo is proven innocent or he finds himself in jail for 3 and half years, the only thing you really care about is getting a good contractor accountant…something which you can find right here.

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