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IT Contractor Blamed for BA Computer Fiasco

British Airways had to ground all flights recently as you’re no doubt aware, and they are laying the blame at the door of an IT contractor.

What happened is a computer crash which lasted only 15 minutes caused havoc with the British Airways infrastructure, which then led to all BA flights being grounded.

This meant disruption for an estimated 75,000 passengers, with some experts guessing it could very well cost British Airways around £150 million in compensation.

Well, the buck seems to be stopping with an IT contractor, who according to BA accidentally pressed the wrong button when doing routine maintenance at Heathrow Airport. The contractor obviously didn’t take any notice of the “do not push this button” memo.

Not only that, but when the power was turned back on towards the main supply it appears that the correct procedure was not followed by the contractor, with BA claiming it was turned on way too quickly and this caused too much of a power surge which ultimately led to the computer crash.

At this point I think it’s good to mention that all this is just what British Airways are claiming, and that no guilt or innocence has been proven in a court of law. The IT contractor could be completely innocent for all we know.

Anyway, when the computers went down it caused chaos with BA flights around the world, but especially at Heathrow and Gatwick where check-in, baggage control and the phone lines where all affected.

Passengers were stuck in the airports without being able to get their luggage, while other passengers could not get their flights which meant they ended up being stranded at the airport.

One couple on their honeymoon were stuck at Heathrow Airport for 3 days. Obviously their marriage didn’t get off to the best start.

An insider source to the events commented that the effect of this 15 minute computer crash might cause even more disruption over the coming months, with data still in the system that has yet to emerge.

Some critics were trying to claim that British Airways outsourcing their IT to countries such as India was to blame, but it now appears that the contracting firm involved was an IT contracting firm in the UK.

At the moment they are yet to make a comment about the situation but I’m sure they will release a statement at some point giving their side of the story.

Who knows exactly what went on here? I’m sure the full facts will come out at some point, but what I do know is that IT contractors in the UK are a good bunch who are highly skilled and very much in demand.

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