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Robot Workers Should Pay Tax Says Bill Gates

Bill Gates has demanded that robot workers be taxed just like any other worker, contractor, or business owner, but is this is a good idea? Probably not.

There has been many reports about how umbrella contractors are looking nervously over their shoulder and wondering if a robot is about to steal their job.

In some news stories, I’ve read that robotic machines could take 15 million jobs within the contracting world in the next few years, and if this really does happen then surely they should be taxed just like humans? That is what Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft thinks anyway.

However, not everybody is convinced that robots should be filling in a tax return and sending it into HMRC 4 times a year.

Some experts have actually noticed that in many industries where robots are becoming more common, workers are not losing their jobs, and in fact, more jobs are becoming available..mainly due to the fact that robots help generate extra profit for the company.

To give you an example, the car industry of America had approximately 60,000 new robots working for them between 2010 and 2015. During that same time, they also hired an extra 230,000 human workers. Coincidence? I think not. In fact, similar things have happened in both Europe and Asia.

Maybe things will change in the future as robots become the dominant force in the workplace and millions of employees and contractors find themselves down the local job centre? Perhaps, and it could just be that Bill Gates knows something we don’t.

He probably didn’t read the research published last year though, about how robots and automation results in more tax for HMRC and other government agencies around the world.

Well, I have quickly browsed the report, and I must say that it left me impressed, to the point where I have decided that “robots should NOT be taxed.”

Leave them alone and let them get on with what they do best…automation, repetition, and doing the job they are hired to do.

It is better for the UK economy if robots don’t have to fill in a tax return if you ask me. Let’s make it easier for British companies to invest in automation, which in turn should make them more profitable.

Not all contractors will agree with me though, especially those in professions where robots are expected to take over.

I’m sure they will side with Bill Gates and hope that robots have to pay tax just like everybody else, which means it might not be as easy for companies to replace humans with robots.

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