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More People Self Employed than on Minimum Wage

While the exact figures on self employment in the UK are not known, it is estimated to be around 5 million people…more than on minimum wage.

Compare this to 10 years ago where around 3.5 million were self employed, but nearly 5 million were on minimum wage. It just goes to show that working for yourself is the place to be, rather than putting up with some stupid boss and getting paid barely anything.

They are even saying that by 2021 there will be more people self employed than working in the public sector, which doesn’t surprise me at all when you consider how the government treat many of their workers.

Despite all of these encouraging statistics and the fact that many self employed people are taking to the internet to say how great it is…the government are not that convinced, and instead, they are now saying that many people that go into self employment are “reluctant” to do so.

Yes you read that right. Here we are in a day and age where your average man or woman can wake up, go to their kitchen table and turn on their laptop and then spend a few hours “working” before going to mow the lawn or have a session down the gym, but according to the experts in the government this is wrong and more should be done to get people back into employment, and back on minimum wage no doubt.

You know, I just think some of these MPs and government workers have it in for the self employed. Maybe they are jealous? Who knows what the reason is.

Firstly, they punish their own self employed contractors, bringing in the IR35 changes that meant public sector workers ended up paying more tax.

Then Philip Hammond went on the attack against every self employed person in the UK, demanding more tax and National Insurance payments, before back tracking only a few days later after massive outrage from just about everybody in the country.

Now, it appears that many in the government want to get the self employed back into traditional employment after they have decided that most people are “reluctant.”

Yes I’m sure they are very reluctant to earn more than minimum wage while setting their own hours. Very reluctant indeed.

Every time I read one of these new news items, reports, or statistics from the government I generally give it a quick glance over before chucking it directly into my bin.

Why can’t we hear good stories about self employment, instead of the usual rubbish? I doubt anything is going to change though.

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