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The Best London Commuter Towns for Contractors

Statistics show that average property prices in London are now £585,517. Yes you read that right, and it is the main reason most people can’t afford to buy.

There are many contractors who work at firms and companies in our nations capital, but for the majority of them, living in a so called “commuter” town is the best way to get in and out of central London.

Some of these commuter towns have property at just over £200,000, which make them affordable for most contractors that have a decent income, while at the same time only being a short train ride or drive from work.

If you really want to get the best value for your money then you might want to consider moving to the East Midlands, where the average property is priced at £190,000 and regular trains run to the capital.

However, for most contractors they want to live in a town that is close to London while still being able to get to work without too much hassle.

If this includes you, then consider some of these best London commuter towns:


In the quiet area of Swanley you are only about 30 minutes away from the centre of London, and with an average house price of around £350,000 you can certainly save a bit of money.


On a budget but need to be close to the capital? Then you might want to consider the commuter town of Ebbsfleet. You will only be 18 minutes away from London, while the average house price is £220,000.

Not only that, but many experts are predicting house prices in this area are going to start getting more expensive soon, which means now is the time to get in and invest.


If you live in Slough then it will take you 17 minutes to commute into central London on a train, which costs around £3200 a year. With the average house price in Slough currently being £338,500, it definitely makes this an area worth considering for contractors if you ask me.


The average house price in Sevenoaks is not cheap at £659,800, but reports suggests it is a very nice area and a great place for contractors who want to spend their money in style, while having a place to get away from everything.

The commute from Sevenoaks into the capital is 32 minutes and costs an average of £4000 a year if you go on the train.


So there we have it…the best London commuter towns. Perfect for contractors or anyone that works for a company in the capital.

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