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Apple to Challenge European Commission over Tax Charge

Like I’ve reported about before on this blog, companies such as Apple don’t seem to be paying much tax in many European countries, especially the UK.

Now I’m not saying they are doing anything wrong you must understand. Not at all. It just seems strange that a company which turns over Billions in countries like the UK and Ireland barely pays anything in tax.

You would have thought their tax bill is in the millions, but in actual fact it’s not uncommon for them to pay nothing at all.

Maybe they have the best contractor accountants working for them around the clock? It is possible, and I’m sure they do have some very good financial people making sure the books are kept in check. Any company, or contractor for that matter, spends a bit of money each year on hiring good accountants. It just makes sense.

Well, the European Commission seems to think that Apple owe the country of Ireland nearly 15 Billion Euros in back tax, and it looks like Apple are not impressed.

So much so that they have opposed the ruling from the European Commission, and lodged 14 “pleas” against them.

This comes after a report by the European Commission alleged that Apple were involved in an illegal tax deal in Ireland, which led to them paying not much tax at all.

Well, Apple are not taking these allegations lightly, and have launched an attack against the Commission, saying that the report is based on “fundamental errors.”

It doesn’t surprise me that Apple have decided to defend their corner, because at the end of the day nearly 15 billion Euros is a lot of money, even if you are one of the most successful companies in the world.

With that being said, if the Commission is correct in their findings then it is difficult to see why they shouldn’t pay.

What I do know is that most contractors in the UK and Ireland are not going to be that bothered with what goes on between the European Commission and Apple. Sure, it makes for an interesting story, but at the end of the day you are probably more interested in you and your business.

The best way to make sure you get your tax right is to hire a contractor accountant in the UK who can do everything for you. Yes you can do it yourself, but for most people their time is better off spent elsewhere if you ask me.

Focus on what you are best at, and let your accountant do what they are best at, because at the end of the day you don’t want to end up with any kind of bill for back taxes.

Let’s wait to see what happens with Apple and the European Commission on this one. I am sure they will work something out.

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