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Employers Not Prosecuted for Paying Below Minimum Wage

In the last 4 years there have been 700 firms “named and shamed” for not paying workers at least minimum wage, but no prosecutions have followed.

This all comes at a time when many people in the government are constantly attacking the so called gig economy and contracting industry, claiming that employers are taking advantage of these workers, but it just goes to show that they won’t even take action once they have all the facts.

It’s all about getting the headlines for most of these MPs, but when it comes time to do their job they don’t have a clue, and then they wonder why so many people are turning towards working gigs or contracting? Well, it’s because they are not getting paid minimum wage in a normal job, something it seems no-one is prepared to do anything about.

Funnily enough, it was recently announced that the government are going to be launching a new watchdog agency that has the goal on finding employers who don’t pay workers minimum wage and look to cheat the system.

You already have 700 names though, and nothing has been done…what is the point of collecting another list of names, so you can then pointlessly file them away in a folder somewhere..just what is the point? Go after the companies you already know about before you start spending more money on looking for others.

At the end of the day, minimum wage is a law as far as I’m aware, and like any law it should be enforced.

If the Police stop a driver and he doesn’t have any insurance then he is breaking the law and should be fined, they don’t just write their name down on a piece of paper and then say on your way. Action is taken. Some people even go to prison for no car insurance, but that is a story for another blog.

Put simply, any employer that is caught paying below minimum wage should be at least fined, and repeat offenders must even face prison time or having their companies closed down.

It really is the only way to stop this kind of thing happening, because if all you do is name them and then do nothing, they will just keep doing it.

The message to people in the government is clear. Start focusing on those companies that break the law by not paying minimum wage and then take action. Less talk and more doing is what we want to be hearing about, not another list of names that grabs a few headlines and makes someone look good.

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