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HMRC Release List of most Bizarre Expense Claims

It is now the 31st of January and the deadline is here for getting in your tax return. If you don’t do it today then the HMRC will issue you with a fine.

At the time of writing you still have a few hours left, and if you want a contractor accountant to get things done for you there might still be time. You have to hurry though.

On a lighter note, the HMRC have just released a list of some of the most bizarre, funny, outrageous, and unusual expense claims that were made by self employed people this time last year.

While there are some things that are allowed to be classed as expenses (if you are not sure then speak with an accountant), there are many other expenses that just won’t get by the HMRC, and they’ve seen it all. .

Take the person who tried to claim food for their dog on their tax return…only we are talking about a shih tzu dog here, who was listed as a “guard dog.” I don’t think HMRC are going to allow that one.

Or how about the guy who decided that putting his underpants as an essential expense just had to be done. I suppose he couldn’t work without them? Apparently he also tried to get a VAT refund on them. I don’t think that one is going to work.

Another bizarre expense claim made last year on one tax return was for “regular Friday night bonding sessions.” In other words, someone liked to go down the pub with their mates and get drunk every week, and thought it would be a good idea to put it on their expenses.

Even if they work together it’s still difficult to get that one past HMRC. The cost of travelling to a business meeting yes, but 10 pints at your local boozer…probably not.

A spokesperson for HMRC said, “year after year we receive a number of ludicrous expense claims, ranging from international holiday flights to expensive designer clothing. HMRC will only accept those claims which are genuine, such as legitimate travel expenses or the cost of tools for the job.”

So the message is clear…if you are currently filling out your tax return right now and thinking about claiming expenses for pet food, underwear, or pints of beer, then you might want to reconsider.

As always though, I recommend you hire a contractor accountant to take care of your expenses instead of trying to do it yourself.

Not only does it give you more free time to focus on your business, but as most people will tell you, hiring a contractor accountant will save you money.

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